Best Convoy Thrower?

I’ve been searching for a good thrower for the past 3 days down the rabbit hole.

where do i start, how do i start, lets say best thrower Mid range, Best Thrower High range. which is which?

As far as diodes how do these compare:

and now the Flashlights themselves :weary: as far as sizes i know the bigger L7 gives longer range? and higher battery life, better thermals? correct?

Convoy L7
Convoy L6 FC40
Convoy 4x18a
Convoy 3x21a
Convoy L21A - L21B - L21C
Convoy C8+ Osram

honourable mention: astrolux FT03, how does it stack up?

Smallest led\biggest reflector usually has most throw. Scroll down for exceptions.

I see, so the L21A is the one as far as biggest head, which is the smaller diode? and its advantages and disadvantages?
im just looking to add a thrower to my current collection convoy M3c and sc321pro EDC. however this new Convoy 3×21a triple light variant got me thinking would it have more light (flood) and less range due to smaller reflector? or would the high throw fc40 diode balance it out?

What are you using your light for?

The Convoy C8+ Osram could possible meet all your needs. I’d say a good start. Are you buying or building? Budget?

YOU were right about the rabbit hole. LOL

Youtube Convoy C8+ Osram by throwhound

EDIT check out his other videos

+1 for this^ what is your goal? Just to have a thrower? Then I would start with the C8+ with osram, cslnm1 and then you will have an exceptional, inexpensive thrower to help determine what you like /dislike.

cslnm1 is smaller than CULPM1 , cslnm1 throws further, but less bright, theoretically less heat too. That's debatable.

Both of these osrams are smaller leds than the sbt90, so they have much less lumens and do not throw much further though. Reason why sbt90 is so expensive, it throws like and osram with lumens like an xhp50.

of everything you mentioned, for a first thrower m I'd go C8 with osram or L21a with osram, or sbt90 4x18a.
My first "thrower" Was ft03 with xhp50. I still think it's a great contender.

there's a lot to learn, kindve. I'd say spend less, see what you like (pencil beam & more throw, wide spill and less throw, or both and pay $50-$100 more for sbt90), and buy accordingly. Lol

Happy deal hunting! Feel free to ask more!

buy only, no build for me atm
preferably USB rechargeable, I know most of convoy are not, accept for the newer models. budget under $75 with battery/s

interesting, yeh initially I was tossing up between those two you mentioned, c8+ osram vs l21a osram and what the difference is. but than I read there is a new L21b which is better? i also wonder if convoy would produce the awesome new usb-c charging Convoy 3×21a is 3x osrams? lol right now they have it in sft40 diode. how does sft40 compare to the osrams?

you did say if I wanted throw and a wider spill to go for sbt90 but doesn’t the 3x21a kinda fill that gap of offering 1029m range plus the spill of 3x lights? without the overheating and bad battery life of an sbt90, sweet spot I’m guessing, correct me if I’m wrong

I highly recommended the Convoy C8+ with the Osram KW CSLNM1.TG emitter.

THIS ONE …. It is a very well made, no frills workhorse.

It DOES NOT have USB Charging. But personally… to me that is a benefit. No problems with waterproofing & just one less thing to go wrong.

So, if you think you can live without USB charging, the C8+ with Osram mentioned is a no-brainer my friend.

Oh yeah, I have a bunch of different “throwers” of all different sizes. This C8+ with the LED mentioned above has my attention… big time.

And the price is amazing too. VERY reasonable. :white_check_mark:

that means picking up a charger, and opening the light up everytime and charging battery, doesn’t that mess up the cap threads overtime or atleast loosen it up? USB-c just seems so much more convenient you can even charge it in the car on the go without taking out the battery. lets just say for a second I forget the usb charging thing.

what’s the difference between these two KW CSLNM1.TG vs KW CULPM1.TG
,and the L21A with KW CULPM1.TG 8A driver for 21 dollars more, is it worth it?

The CSLNM1 is "brighter" than the CULPM1. Even though it's less lumens it still has more range which means the NM1 is brighter or more intense at any given range. The PM1 has just got a wider beam. Lumens mean very little without also looking at he range spec

Wait for the L21B with adjusted focus for the Osram LEDs. This shouldn’t be too far away.

I’ve tuned the focus myself for all my NZ customers and I get 1,500m with the CSLNM1, and 1,350 using the CULPM1. If you go for the green CSLNM1 I get 1,700m

wider beam you say, would be nice to find a side by side picture of video to get a visual understanding of the difference.

l21b sounds interesting, but why does it look so ahhh plain? not having those ridges would it heat up faster than the l21a?

If you wait a couple days I’ll have my demo up of the C8+ cslnm1, L21B cslnm1 & culpm1

The L21B was made for the purpose of hunting at my request. It needs to be able to mount on a rifle, the L21A is far too bulky. The L21A with cslnm1 is out of focus and peaks at 1,300m, but with the culpm1 it’s okay at 1,325m

Looking forward to that, thanks for the heads up. :white_check_mark:

I prefer to use dedicated chargers so that you can keep an eye on battery voltage and internal resistance. The C8+ with CSLNM1.TG option is extremely good value for money.

thanks mate looking forward to that comparison

Well yeah, it means that.

Get a LiitoKala Lii 100 Charger, or something similiar; that is fairly low cost. It is one bay & will work just fine in your vehicle too

Yep, you have to unscrew the tail cap to remove the battery, that takes about 5 seconds.
And no, it will not “hurt” the threads. Or at least I have never had that problem.

Of course keep the threads clean & lubed, as well as the O-ring(s).

As far as the difference in those two Osram emitters, that has already been explained.

As far as the Convoy L21? models. I cannot answer that, I do not have one “yetc. :wink:
Listen to what Funtastic has to say about those. He abviously know his stuff & has practical experience with them. :white_check_mark:

M2 w/ CSLNM1 >> highly recommended pocket thrower 100kcd and manageable heat

L21B w/ SFT40 >> lightweight 395kcd ~300kcd and 2000lm

C8+ or M21A are a middle ground that don’t excite me personally, but are a great value if the L21 is too large. I also prefer 21700s with >6A drivers.