best deal on Boruit RJ 020?

I want to get one of these headlamps as they seem to be a good budget buy.

Gearbest has them for about $11, any place have them cheaper?


That is a good price. Snatch it up. I have that one, it was given to me as a gift and it’s a great little headlamp. Rechargeable too. I use it all over the yard almost every night. If it’s like mine it has a ramping UI too. Press and hold the switch and it will start dimming and then ramp back up. Just stop holding the button at whatever brightness you like.

Yeah, the days of 7buk RJ02s are long gone. 11 sounds about as good as it’ll get, unfortunately.

this is a better headlamp , same 11$, modable so you can do an easy emitter swap , no irritating low PWM .

only thing it lacks is the motion detection

Both are great lights and the r02 is better at 7$ 11 I'd buy the latter

Another great choice for budget headlamp. We should start a best of $20, before any coupon, and under headlamp thread. I only have a few but I bet everyone can put together a great list.

Remember 5$ at one point :slight_smile: