Best "flashlight " Ever ! MUST SEE

I soooo need this

Wow that was pretty cool! I need one too!

Did that come first or the one they made on the show Sons of Guns?

The one in the video did by a few years.

Now that's a tactical flashlight.

I just watched the sons of guns one and it was pretty cool but not much went into was just a mac 11 that folded into a metal box..this one looks a lot more thought out and polished..still both are cool..

how have i missed this show ?!?!?

checked dicovery channel there it its

does my local cable company air this show , no ! GD sons of guns : )and yes they are getting a call or a very stern email

think we need a group buy lol - somone roll up a FN 57 in a package and ... hell the gun alone is a grand, nevermind

seriously though if you have never shot this gun try it , super cool specs