Best Headlamp for close-up work. Any suggestions?

Hi I’ve been searching for the perfect headlamp for close-up work, soldering, etc. I know zebralight has a few of mule headlamps. Is that the best way to go or should I get something with a diffused lens? I really like the idea of the led in the center like the Thrunite th20 or the Acebeam H40 with the sst-20 4000k but I really don’t want a super defined hotspot. Has anyone diffused these? Does anyone have some experience with the Thrunite TH01? Apparently, it has an XHP50 available in neutral. Just looking for input and suggestions. Thanks

well, i have put masking tape over my headlamp to diffuse and dull the hotspot.
sometimes, its takes two layers. also, i use the common tan? khaki? kind
of tape since it “warms” the white light found in most of the cheap ones.

What size are you looking at?

In AAA/10440, check out the Manker E02 II. You have to buy the headband separately.

In AA/14500, Manker E03H II. Headband included.

Both light have a TIR optic for a wide diffused beam and use 4000K SST-20. Really beautiful tint with great color rendering. Love mine for detail work.

if we are talking the best headlamp for close up, it would be a mule with hicri. but i ’ve done close up work with zl, h02, d10, d25, all with stock optic. some with swapped warm leds, i got jobs done every time, and was not thinking my light wasn’t adequate.

Since zebralight started using hi-cri LH351D, there is weaknesses anymore. Lightweight piece with superior quality.

Not sure if this will be any use.
I ordered them some time ago as a cheap headset to try out & they have been OK. Nice even light for close up.

D10 with custom 60 - 120 degree TIR optics?

Armytek Zippy. A true mule that can be clipped to the clothes but also comes with headband:

It’s 5000K IIRC. AT once told me it’s Samsung LH351B. Not sure about that, but tint is ok.

I use Sofirn SP40 with D-C fix diffusion film + 18350 batteries + Skilhunt HB1 Headband
Cheap, lightweight and bright combo.

Love my Zebralight h604c. I’ve tried the frosted lenses, but the mules are far superior for any interior headlamp use.

Thanks guys for all the info….now I’m going to check all this out and get back to you. :+1:

18350 Batteries in the sofirn sp40? 2 of them I presume? How do you mean?

how’s the tint on h604c? 4000k right? is it similar to xpl-hi 5d?

These Manker headlamps might be a good start. Particularly the E03H II. Thanks for the tip! Any chance of a beamshot so I can see how well the diffuser tones down the hotspot?

The SP40 ships with both an 18650 and 18350 short tube!

Here is an E02 II (top) vs. stock 4000K SP40 (bottom), about two feet away from the wall. I believe the E02 II uses the same emitter and optic type as the E03 II (the E03 optic diameter is probably larger).

Here are the optics, SP40 top, E02 II bottom:

This, definitely. I took the diffuser off altogether, and it’s still perfect for soldering or working on tiny bits and pieces.

For plumbing or electrical in big dark attics or basements, I still can’t find anything to improve on the Skilhunt H03.

I never really know how to take these.

H600Fc IV on the left, with a zircon 804 hence why it’s more rosy, the E03H II has a narrower beam, but no hotspot, it’s a gradual decrease. Tint on mine is 3953K duv 0.0006 turbo at 30s , 3951K duv 0,0022 on mid.

with the diffuser it’s ultra flood like a mule (same exposition, so different shutter speed) :

I think I’ll order the AA Manker. Nice tint, floody, and as bright as I need for indoors. Thanks gentlemen. I knew you would have all the answers!

L shape is no go for very close work with magnifying glasses…
BTW. why not Manker E04? :DD