BEST LED IN TOWN- HELP ME with this project

For a long time, without having answers, I have been wondering how I can do to solve the following situation:

I bought on a site, a led lighting system for dental binoculars, example photo:

The LED present has never satisfied me, because even the artificial light overhangs the light of the LED system.
Now I ask myself, is there a simple way to replace this LED and buy one with the characteristics of that of the leading companies?
Unfortunately, the led lighting systems of leading companies can cost even more than 1000 dollars, I post a link to understand a little about the characteristics of these led systems, and look for a led with these characteristics, with CRI>90 and 50.000 lux, and a perfect circle of lighting as a spot.

Here are the images of an orascoptic led spotlight, so you can understand its structure well and try to emulate it:

I state that the housing structure of the LED in my possession is well done so what I would need would only be to change the LED, I am attaching below the photos of the Cree LED in my possession, I sincerely hope you can help me. PS: the diameter of the led would appear to be 12 mm.

Do I also have to change the lens to increase the lux?

the link from which I bought my led spotlight is this, in order to better understand the characteristics, and look for a compatible LED and lens. is external)

P.S: even if it says that the battery is 5W, it is actually 3W, and it is possible to adjust the intensity of the light, specifically to avoid errors in the purchase phase.

You could tell me the link to proceed with the purchase immediately? , unfortunately I don't understand much about lighting, so I'm afraid of buying the wrong things.
Thank you all

P.S2: I put some videos to better understand the functioning and the lighting capacity of these led: (led orascoptic in the right, well circumscribed)

if you want more information about the spotlight to understand what is adaptable, like other photos, I will do my best.

I am not sure if that is an XP-G2, but if it is, you can replace it directly by other LEDs with the 3535 footprint, such as Luminus SST20, Samsung LH351, Lumileds Luxeon V2, and - if I am not mistaken - some Nichias.

Some SST20, LH351 and Nichias have CRI 90>, but I am not sure which, as it depends on LED references.

Also you would need to know which is the tint you prefer, warmer (ex: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K), neutral-ish (from 4000K to 5500K) or colder (from 5500K and “above”).

As for increasing lux, I guess that would imply changing the power source (in a flashlight you’d change the driver).

To remove the LED board, you need to unsolder the wires and take that board out of there.

And to get that perfect round beam, it needs to have a calculated distance from the led to the lens. If you don’t have it in yours already, I am not sure you will be able to get it with just a led change…

The LED is not 12mm.
An XP-G2 is 3.5x3.5mm square.
The white round circle is called an MCPCB and is not part of the LED.

I’m sorry, I edited the post, I’m trying to learn something but it’s really hard for me, could you help me in this project?

All good questions. +1 ^ That’s a 12mm mcpcb that led is sitting on. The led itself looks like an xp-g2, so you can swap it out with any 3535 size led on a 12 mm mcpcb. I recommend a Samsung LH351D 5000k 90 CRI or a Nichia 219C. You could go with a Luminus sst20 4000k 95 CRI. Either one of those are a direct replacement, but finding one mounted to a 12mm mcpcb might be tricky. Check This Place silver ingot Technology Co., Ltd. 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢

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Here’s what you’ll need to improve the lighting quality. No guarantees it will beat the $1000 Zeiss or other brand name scopes, but it will be lots better:

You need a direct replacement LED on a board (the round white thing). You can get those fully assembled, but they aren’t easy to find in that size for a single quantity. Check the links I sent above. A ‘high cri’ LED reproduces colors better, especially red and brownish colors, pancakes them more ‘real’ a 5000K-5700K color temperature makes objects lit up like they were in direct sunlight.

You shouldn’t need to change the lens if you’re using a similar-sized LED with a similar size light emitting surface. Xp-G2 is pretty close to the 219.

Different LEDs will have different beam characteristics: the sst20 has a smaller spot than a LH351D (bigger bright spot). S8nce you are going to be under 10 watts, no need to really worry about heating.

Hope that helps. There are other resources on this forum you can check out also to learn more Info

i dont know if it is an XP-G2, I only know that the led has a diameter of 12 cm, at least so it seems.

From the technical specifications of the top-of-the-range LEDs, the tint seems to be >5500K, and the lens I have, allows you to have a perfect circle as a spot.

But from what I understand, should the lens also need to be changed to increase the lumens?

Could you tell me about specific components to buy in order to proceed with the order immediately?
Sorry but for me lighting is a new world, and I would like to have a good result for the led light.

Thanks so much

Thank you very much for replying, the problem is that I don’t understand much, so I would be afraid of making a wrong purchase and waiting a long time for nothing.
Could you give me a direct link to buy what you think should be the best?

Do you think it is also necessary to change the lens?

The battery I have is only 3W, and allows you to change the intensity of the light. Thanks a lot in advance

How much experience do you have with electronics? It might be a good idea to send the light off to a blf member nearby who can replace the LED for you and also find a replacement driver because I don’t think just a replacement LED will increase the brightness by much because the driver controls how much power the LED gets.

I edited my post with links added for reference and some information.

You explained with incredible clarity, the only thing I wonder, the shape of the MCPCB, must it be exactly like that of the cree that I have now? because I see that there are many forms on the market

2) also other types of light like 219, so I mean that of samsung, of Nichia, would they have a spot in the shape of a perfect circle? I’m interested in it being a little bigger than an open mouth i think

Like the right in this video:

Orascoptic Spark Light vs LumaDent Warm light Headlight - YouTube(link is external)

3)is there one of these lights that you recommend more than the others according to the needs of my case, so with a very good white light,> 5500 k and CRI> 90?

4)how many lux could I get with one of the LEDs you indicated?

5) I will try with all my strength for the light, but before buying it maybe I ask here to avoid making mistakes, hoping I can find one for what I understand !! thank you very much

The mcpcb should be the same size as the one you’re replacing because it will require no modification, just under the wires from the old one, remove it, put on new thermal paste, and install/solder up the new one. The optical lens and the size of the LEDs light emitting surface determines the spot size. Bigger surface is bigger spot. I recommend the Samsung LH351D 5000 or 5700K 90 CRI leds.

Lux? No idea since it’s depending on so many variables.

I found the samsung with MCPCB but it is 10 mm, can it be adapted? maybe filling the spaces with something?

Otherwise another option, but I don’t know if it is easy, could it be to buy only the led without the MCPCB support and mount the led on the MCPCB of the cree in my possession?

Thanks so much

unfortunately with the electronics I don’t understand much, but I will try to replace the led with the utmost attention, hoping to find a 12 mm one, if I found a 10 mm one, would it be difficult to adapt it?

Who should I contact in the case for the driver issue?

thank you

10mm will work, my concern is whether the LED is centered by the mcpcb or there’s a centering ring or gasket to center the LED under the optic. If it’s off center even by a little, it will affect the focus of the optic. You may actually need a 12mm mcpcb if that is the case.

looks like a XM-L2 on a 16mm star to me

instead buy only the led to be adapted on MCPCB of the cree? is the same?
another question, the light they make is independent of the diameter of the MCPCB?

how can i be sure of the size? is it possible to disassemble it even more than I did in the picture? I was able to measure the length of the diameter with a compass

how comfortable are you with soldering? If you de-solder the black and red wires, that round board (MCPCB) should be able to be removed.

The MCPCB is just the board that the LED sits on top of to 1. provide a mating surface and electrical contacts and 2. dissipate heat.

The LED itself is just the middle part, again my guess is that it’s an XM-L2, which should be 5mm x 5mm. The LED can be removed from the MCPCB by melting the solder and replaced.

You can choose your to replace the LED by itself or replace both the LED and MCPCB together, which can be easier if you don’t have the necessary tools or skills to reflow an LED.

I believe that this part of the soldering will be done by an electrician that I know, how can it affect the project?