Best light bulbs for home regardless of price

I have been getting the somewhat standard GE bulbs from Sams Club. Is there anything better out there?
Like this:

I am talking about better quality, not higher CRI, etc.

Is this as good you get or are there much better ones out there?

Thanks in advance

What are you looking for?

Just 100 watt (equivalent) and 5000K?


The Ultimate Light Bulbs thread discusses not just CRI but build quality as well.
The best ones are either Bocian or Sunlike.

There are at least 4 different LED bulb threads atm…

but few of the posters actually measures anything and lots of the posters dont care about CRI, nor do they care about flicker.

for those that care about CRI and Flicker, I suggest buying an Opple Light Master, they are on sale atm. Page Not Found -

If you care about longevity, you could look up light bulbs on Amazon.

It would be tedious, but you could look for 100 watts (equivalent), 5000K, and a good longevity score.

That's what I did, but I was looking for a different wattage and different color temperature.

Longevity and Low Price, are not my Primary Selection Criteria.

High Quality Light Spectrum , and High Quality Circuit Stability are Higher Priority than Price and Longevity.

So after testing some bulbs from Home Depot, I chose to use bulbs from Waveform instead. Here are some examples of bulbs that meet my Spectrum and Circuit Quality Priorities

for my Priorities, those are the Best Regardless of Price, as the title of this thread asks for.

I decided based on Measurements I took with my Opple. I would not use Amazon review Opinions to decide what bulbs to use.

Sorry, I was talking to zoulas.

Also, using Amazon feedback to help choose what to buy has worked excellently for me.

If anyone knows of a better way to find a light bulb that has great longevity, feel free to share it.

I don’t know if you can find, or how much it would cost, but aren’t those Phillips developed for Dubai supposed to have and absurdly long longevity?

You can build a very good bulb by yourself if you like:

You can choose high quality LEDs with good CRI by yourself.

The key and rule of thumb to long service life is to run the LED at 1/2 the rated power:


I decide based on CRI and Tint DUV Measurements, not Amazon reviewer Opinions without Facts.

Yeah. Unless the reviewer shows technical specifications holding up under scrutiny while having good consistency, I just don’t care.

Currently I’m looking for a better home black light bulb, Youtube videos are too much marketing content, so I hope to provide some suggestions through forum users. Last year’s Halloween I used Onforu black light bulbs, the overall price will not be very expensive, the lighting effect can basically meet my expectations, but I still want to test a few more.
I normally look for similar light bulbs(Onforu 9W A19 E26 UV LED Black Lights Bulb Neon Glow)

I buy only 2700K from Osram/Ledvance or Philips for my house. 3000K for bathrooms, 4000K for the garage.