Best light quality for luminaires

Hi everyone!

I’m a recent design graduate who’ll be making high-quality luminaires. Living in Sweden during dark winters neccessitates excellent lighting, especially for psychological well being. But sadly, the market here has been taken over by filament leds that just don’t cut it with quality.

So I have 2 luminaires,

1) COB based powered by wall outlet
(98cri, 2700k - premium color, R9 93) ——- Cree - CMA1303C0Z0A27H

As far from what I’ve read from the datasheet, it should be a great COB, but after coming across Sunlike and Optisolis LEDS recently, I feel like they might be better with a subtle peachy look that Cree (golden tint) lacks.

Hence, I would like to know if anyone has experience with the same COB. My application is ambience with colorful interiors/artifacts.

2) SMD based battery-powered luminaire for tables/food

I initially planned to use Osram 95cri 2700k Oslon 2W and driving it with a 700mA constant current. (2x7135)
But due to my design restrictions, I have to go for a PCB ring with 11 LEDS (NF2L757GT-F1 Optisolis 2700k)

Since I see a lot of parallel based mcpcbs’ these days, should driving these 11 LEDS with a 3.3V 700mA CC be a problem?
As it’s a battery powered product, I want to reduce heat losses from a resistor by connecting the SMDs in series as I’m aiming for >20hr battery life with 2x21700 cells.

Thank you very much!!