Best light to shine off 40th floor balcony at the beach?

Title says it all… this is the second time I’ve gone to this place. Last time I used my Acebeam W30, Imalent MS18, and a green laser. It was an incredible experience for a flashlight junkie

Another question… I’d love to post some beamshots like others do but I only have an iPhone to use and I’m not sure of the right settings…

Noctigon K1 with Osram W1 Green will give a tight light saber style beam. With the SBT90.2, it will have a white beam with larger hotspot.

I also suggest something with a lot of throw, i.e. 100,000+ candela. You will be over 100m from the ground so anything under 25,000 candela will look underwhelming.

For reference see my thread here: Reddit - Dive into anything

My apartment is on the 12th floor but it is about 15 stories above the beach.

Ha great idea. Oddly enough I have those exact lights to bring. I picked up a Pelican Case with foam that holds like 15 lights.

I wish I could bring my Firefoxes FF5 HID but like a dumb@$$ I inserted the batteries backward and kept tightening it when it didn’t turn on. Now the contacts aren’t close enough or something and it doesn’t work.

Not the first that’s happened with that FF battery holder.

compressed FF battery holder contacts

Did the same to ff5 and squashed the switch. Pogo pin in the ff5 isn’t there.
I would take the big girl.

Wow what is that??

Best light would be a good performing LEP light.

Cree CMT2890 with a 90cm searchlight mirror. The Ridge in the hot spot is 1.6km

Wow… I’m guessing you built that yourself?

Iphone is not the ideal camera for that, unless you install an app that gives you manual controls, without it, the camera will adjust exposure with every shot, and you would not be able to tell true difference on the pictures

No, I have the mirror which was made in 1940 and made up a frame/carrier from aluminium and the light just clamps onto the frame. With a 100w car hid you can see the beam 3km away and you can’t take a picture of it but it goes a long long way. I would like to recreate the light but with TIG arc instead of carbon arc. But you have to remember it is an antique. So im not going to risk a welding arc near it, that is what the 24inch is for :smiling_imp:

That sounds amazing

You could try a K1 W1 but it won’t beat a decent LEP

So kind of random… I’ve bought a few lasers from Sanwu and they have a new model that has a Red, Green, and Blue beam. You can vary the intensity of each one to create the visual effect of a beam of any color including… White. Unfortunately it’s pretty pricey and the individual power of the diodes isn’t that high. I might reach out to my laser guy (builds custom lasers) to see if he can rig something up with max power on the individual beams and align them somehow (lenses, mirrors, prisms…) so that it creates a single white beam

K75, W30, W30 triple, lemax superpower, 90cm searchlight with 100w HID.

That’s the best beamshot picture I’ve ever seen

And the guys on the space station needed sunglasses as they looked down at earth…. :sunglasses:

Haha. Maybe Elon Musk will decide for no particular reason to built a giant gigawatt laser or searchlight to shine out into space