Best multiple AA flashlight. Sunwayman D40A ???

I’m looking for a multi AA light in neutral white since I have plenty of eneloops.

Is the D40A NW the best bang for the buck ?

Where can I buy it ?

i have nitecore EA4 and i am really impressed with the performance (i don’t have the sunwayman so i can’t compare them) but i bought it about a year ago on Fasttech before MAP thing and it was 47 $ shipped…

I think it definitely is in the top 3!

Doingoutdoor has it for a good price I saw yesterday..$5x.xx

wow! they have EA8 caveman for 68 $ …that’s impressive

Most reviews and polls say Sunwayman D40A

Trying to find where I can get it cheapest in NW.

Does the NW have a ugly green or other tint ?

good question…EA4W has ugly green corona around the hotspot, but i wouldn’t know for sunwayman…perhaps if you buy it it will be one way to find out :smiley:

I bought mine from there. It’s a D40A-NW. I can’t see a hint of green in the tint, and for its size, they are right that it can throw for something this small. As for price, HKE has “special pricing” which is best not mentioned here in public due to MAP.


See title of my post. HKE =

the d40 neutral is the best multi aa light ive had… better than the crap-core by far

i had mine modded by vinh to do 4.5a :slight_smile:

Don’t have any other multi AA lights for comparison—
But I have the Starry Light SA-22 from IS, and its a great light.
I think it is a tremendous value for $24.99 !!

Better than Doingoutdoor??

Fenix TK41. Period.

I could not understand why a torch could be worth over a hundred bucks.

But I liked it so much I bought a 2nd one...

I had TK40 and sold it the next day. Far too much battery carrier rattle, switch hard to use with gloves, body felt thin and light…

I have both the EA4 and the D40A, and I think the D40A is much better.

Ok... speaking of Fenix ...I bought the Ld40 for 27$.

It was a pretty sweet bang for the buck ... great light ,sweet modes, nice tint and lots of throw .

SWM d40A has very very few people ever say a thing negatively about it .I'd say you can safely buy it knowing that you'll probably make a good buying decision.

So where do I wanna get the D40A neutral white from ?

$ Fifty Six at
$ Fifty Nine at HKE (after the selectable discount)

I emailed Bill at doingoutdoor but he wouldn’t give me any discount code :frowning:

I think the PA40 (PA40W as the neutral version) is still the best multi-AA light money can buy.
Maybe someone else has it cheaper???

I have D40A, EA4, EA4W. D40A the best, no doubt.

BG have SWMD40A for about same price too.
So far I’m not get shipping problem for flashlights from Doingoutdoor, lower price will be nice though :bigsmile:

IS promotion already expired, but for US buyers, it’s worth to ask them if some discount is available.