Best online purchase experience in 15 years! (MtnElectronics)

And I haven’t received my products yet.

I asked a question in my order which Richard quickly replied to. I thanked him and asked a question about a pen light mentioning I was new to modding. When he found out I was a newbie he double checked my order and noted that I had the wrong batteries… He’s answered several other small questions that I had about batteries and soldering without any complaint or indication that he was bothered by helping me.

In my future purchases I’ll be looking at first.

I have not been asked to review anything or given any benefits for making this post… I’m just very impressed with the service I’m receiving .

I second that. Richard answered all my annoying newbie questions in record time. Every order arrived promptly and with everything included. The S6 he built for me is easily my favorite new light. To anyone who doesn’t have a triple xpg yet, you need one now.

Yep, Richard is one of the best around.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical when Richard posted his feeler thread about starting up yet another shop in the US that sells flashlight related gear, but his prices, service, and incredibly fast cheap shipping (3 days for me usually) have totally won me over. My only complaint is that a lot of stuff goes out of stock fairly regularly, but I’m sure with time and experience he’ll be able to fix that. It’s really hard to get an idea of what will actually sell out when you’ve only been selling for a few months.

Richard’s the best.

Mountain Electronics is currently my favorite supplier. Followed by Illumination Supply.

A site made by a BLFer for BLEers! I still can’t wrap my head around how much work he goes through daily.

Cheers Richard! :beer: :slight_smile:

I’m wondering HOW Richard could spend any time with any of you when I have kept him busy answering ALL my questions! I asked him if he was going to burn out and close up shop as I knew he was going to school. He said NO, he was going to keep the shop! He was getting additional help (brother I believe) to help on the builds. His wife and son are active as well.


With the commotion going on around here at the moment its nice to read threads like this. RMM has constantly had excellent feed back from members here. Thanks for letting us know guys. Now to get him to move to the same country as me.

So far my experience has been excellent. I was told my first order has shipped today, 7 June. Two M6 lights, a level 1 and a level 2 as well as a special he offered, a 6 LED SRK or clone that he got samples of and then found there were apparently problems with getting a regular supply of identical lights. A mid level modified light but no LED changes per his post description. I also have ordered batteries for all the above so now awaiting the packages which are on the way. BTW the first two lights were ordered on May 27 so that is less than two weeks ago. I call that impressive for three semi custom modified lights.

I have also ordered this morning one of his “S3” EDC 18650 Flashlight - Triple XP-G2 - Black and expect it to be an amazing performer for it’s size based on what I keep seeing of his reputation on the group. I ordered the 4 mode with memory L > H version and intermediate current level so it should be compatible with most 18650 batteries that can do 5A discharge safely. I did order two of Richards LG 3000 mAh button top cells with it though. It should be quite a EDC light.

I was also very very pleased with my purchase there. Very quick shipping and handling time and very reasonable prices.

What I really enjoyed was that they noticed the batteries I ordered with a host would not work together, and notified me of this right away and consulted me to switch the batteries after the transaction.

They are my top choice for any flashlight related gear. The only time I deal elsewhere is because they don’t carry that item.