Best place to host images?

Photobucket is giving me problems.

I’d recommend

what he said x2

Do we need a 3rd?


Okay then — Rob, use Imgur. Its great.

Made a account at tinypic

have been using it for years for the occasional photo share without an account, but now have made one and it works fine, though it merely says “uploading” and it is not showing the progress (this could be beacuse I have Chromium with flash disabled under Ubuntu instead of the normal flash enabled browsers under Windows.)

Well, I use - works perfectly up to 1280x something pixels

I recently started using , much better than photobucket was and a lot faster. No ads and easy to use.

imgur. Free and reliable with reasonable size limits.

Thanks. Test…

Test. …

I got this…



Much faster upload and processing speeds.

I’ve never had a single problem with Flickr. It’s always been rock solid and you have the option of multiple picture sizes- from large to small.

I use . Someone suggested it on some thread here. They have pop ups if you don’t pay, but not too bad. Click “Bilder … hinzufugen” to brows and “Abload!” to upload. You can select more than one image at a time.

The one on the right was uploaded in 2013.

Some pictures I uploaded to imgur got deleted after a year, but otherwise it is one of the best free hosting sites.

I have been unable to imbed images since the upgrade. Anyone else? I’ve always use imagu without problems until now. Computer or iOS neither will post images with this account. Hmm?

Yep, Google Drive is my preference. Huge storage and practically guaranteed data integrity. Privacy is of course another issue, but it doesn’t really matter for public forum images.

I really like

Here's my overview:

Could you please give me the URL of an image you’ve tried to post since the upgrade? Thanks.