[Best Prices for the last 180 days!]Sofirn DEALS in Aliexpress

Thank you for you photo… Honestly never noticed it.

now seen it when I have compared against some of the flashlights in my sig…

I have this flashlight in a case with a Fenix HL50 and Manker E03H for when away as a backup incase not able to recharge dead 18650’s which are our primary battery in Headlights and flashlights, They allow us to use standard AA’s which are easy to get hold of all over the world…. So guess till you mentioned it I would never have noticed it… But heck for the price they are a great backup……

Hi Sofirn, could you check your PM inbox? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Why does Cree even produce the B and C tints??
Everyone hates them!

Because they are a byproduct of making the tints that people do like.

Cree XML2 T6-3B and T6-4C are not bad at all! My opinion!

They’re not bad until you compare them side by side with 3D and 4A

Hum, I guess the only 3D I have is on the Emisar D4 (XP-G2 S4 3D) maybe my DQG Slim Ti has one too, ’cause it is on the rosy side , and I have none with 4A tint, so I can’t surely tell more!

Once I did this comparison, though:
Nichia 219C (L) > XML2 T6-4C ®
The greens are there, but on a “normal” environment, I don’t notice them that much!

Sorry for the off-topic Sofirn! :smiley:

BTW, I ordered a SF10 yesterday on the afternoon and it was already shipped :sunglasses: Thank you :+1:

I end up clicking out of the Sofirn store because of the confusion of new versions.

I agree, Sofirn’s product line needs to be better managed. I don’t think only releasing new models once a year is a great idea at this point though.

In other news, the new 21700 C8F HOST is available now.

Well, i got me that SF11 just now. :slight_smile:

Red/blue SP10s of whatever variety (old-A, new-A, B, B-renamed-to-A, whatever). They’re cute.

No idea why AX keeps throwing me these 2buk coupons if I can’t use the f’n things. I got like 8 of ’em, and the pulldown for AX coupons always shows “you have none” when I just came from the page which is dangling them in front of me.

Ok, I couldn’t resist anymore. These little AA/14500 lights are just cool and handy. Just ordered a Red SP10B. I wonder which will get here first, the Sofirn or the Enogear SS I also just ordered

Oh that thing.

I can’t even use them myself.

It did the same thing with the coupons for me, only when I was actually checking out right before completing the order did it allow me to use it.

haha, confused me too, but during checkout the coupons were automatically added and the total price lowered.

Hmm, not mine. Like I said, I had/have about 8 of them, ordered my lights, and nothing was applied (except the buk-off from the Sofirn coupon).

Sorry, you could be right as I saw coupons applied when I checked out with my Sofirn order, but I can't remember how much was taken off.