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These appear to be some good deals at the Ali Sofirn Official Store, but is looks like the sale doesn't start until tommorrow, Aug 27, 12:00 PM EDT or 4:00 PM GMT. I am looking at the SF02 2 x AAA Pen Light that has three-mode (High/300lm-Mid/60lm-Low/0.5lm) with an excellent spread, and is available in red.

Quick question about SP33s…

I see 2 “different”(??) versions:



and even though the spex are pretty much identical (output, modes, etc.), they’re 2 different links and 2 slightly different prices for the light-only package. Is one an updated/newer version? Are there any differences between the two, and if so, what might they be?


As long as I’m not carrying them in a pocket, I really like 26650 lights. :smiley:

Thanks Sofirn, I already have four lights in my cart

No C8F 21700? :expressionless:

According to Sofirn,

well, they are the same, just one has variation, the other doesn’t. You can peak either one.

Thank you.

Kind of a non-answer, but at least they responded, promptly. If you can't decipher a difference in the product description, perhaps you should just peak the cheapest one! Or peak both to make sure!

Edit: I've notice two listings with different prices for the SF02 in red too!

SF02 #1

SF02 #2

The sale started a little earlier than expected on Aug 27, and will run five days (until about midnight EDT / 0400 GMT, Sep 1) . I am anxious to check out the SF02 AAA pen light in red on sale for $8.13. Red is not my first choice in a color, but I'm sick of black. Sofirn advertises 12- 20 day ePacket shipping, so the wait begins! In the past, Ali ePacket shipping has taken about two weeks to my location.

Edit: This goes without saying, but don't forget any applicable seller coupons.


We have never paid there so called original price and infact we recently bought TWO sp10a/b for £8.30 from the same store on aliexpress…… DON’T BELIEVE THE SH**E… Just wait a week after sale and they will be back down to same SALE PRICE…… But this is typical of ALL STORES on aliexpress to put prices up before a sale then claim to be at sale price for limited time…

Naw, that answered it. Was only a dime or so difference, so either one would be fine.

I vaguely vaguely vaguely recall emailing with Tracy about the lights, and I think Sofirn was coming out with a newer version, but wasn’t sure if it was this one or another.

I’d just like to get a driver for it, too, like they have drivers for the SP10, C8F, Q8, etc. I got a DOA one (replaced, no hassles at all) that I’d still like to get working if I could. They’re really nice lights… :smiley:

I find that Sofirn have too many products, many very samey, many product with version A, B, V2.0 etc. Sometimes the product listing contains pictures and links to other products!

I end up with many tabs open trying to understand the difference and then I get bored and close all my tabs.

Also, because the new models and updates are so frequent, it is impossible for one model to gain a ‘following’ or popularity.

You should simplify the line-up, release new models only once a year, and stop putting spammy adverts to other items in the product description.

:+1: Right ON! :wink:

Any company that can satisfy my current fetish for solid performing (1x) AA/14500 flashlights or (2x) AAA pen lights for a decent price and build quality will get my business. Being communicative and friendly is a plus. I don't mind a little confusion from time-to-time as long as I eventually get what I want (i.e., need/crave).

well there sp10a/b certainly is a good AA flashlight…… love ours!!!

I ordered six lights from Sofirn last night. Mostly for gifts and two for myself. I thought the best deal by far was their SF11.

My SP10B sits on the shelf because I am not a fan of its greenish tint.

Sofirn’s emitter tint is actually not the worst in terms of green. They have some batches that are actually decent like the SP31. However, I do hope they start using A and D tint bin emitters instead of the B and C bins. Good thing is most of their flashlights are not glued so easy to swap out the mcpcb for another emitter.

Never even noticed greenish tint on our two!! May be they sorted it?

I think the green is only noticeable when you have nicer A and D tint emitters to compare with side by side. For me I have a bunch of 5D, 3A, and 3D tint emitters which are at or below the BBL, which in comparison makes the tint on the Sofirn lights look a bit greenish. It’s not bad like some of the other cheap brands but not as nice as it can be.

This is mine…

First day ends, second day starts! :smiley: