Best Single AA flashlight for 2017/18 ?

Digging my UT01 and Manker E11.

I only got 3X AA lights this year
My vote goes to the UT01 Mine works. If you get one that don’t have issues its a really cool light. Small and UI has 3 brightness levels to play with for each brightness level. $10 on the deals lately. Mine has 3D 5000K on the box but I would call it 4-4500K and not bad tint for a new Cree (XP-L).

Other was the Amutorch stainless from Neal with a 219C. It’s OK but one of the 2 I purchased is getting SW issues from 14500 use. I predicted that to another member right after I took it apart and saw the SW they used.
I also have the TG06 I got 2 of them and one died immediately because the driver was not properly seated as the retaining ring tightened on it. I like the second one but having one die killed the love for it.

klarus MI7 is a nice light, the pocket clip is a little flimsy, but hard to find problems with this light

My Klarus MI7 is great, bought a pink one for the wife as well. Really needs a 14500 to perform though, on an alkaline there is almost no difference between medium and high.

I have a UT01 on the way, looking forward to a shootout with the prize being an EDC home in a leather pouch on my belt beside my Leatherman.
Only a 14500 light is the right size for this, unless someone comes up with an affordable max100x20mm 18650 light that can compete. Not likely.

A Utorch UT01 that works is a very good candidate. The new Lumintop EDC05 has all the signs of being the same light, but if it does not have the problems that the Utorch has, it will win, especially if there will be a high CRI Nichia version. And I like the design :slight_smile:

Zebralight is expensive
Tool AA fails miserably on Eneloops
WK007 is bulky
Ultrafire, well, Ultrafire (I fear visible PWM, bad mode spacing, blinkies in main sequence etc.)

There is new 2017 ON THE ROAD M5 AA flashlight, I am waiting one to arrive for a review. Should be nice as all OTR lights are really nice quality.
Here is the link : OTR M5 Ali store

On The Road M5 AA looks nice. Similar to an Olight s15. Are the specifications between the two similar?

It’s very new so no reviews, I expect my sample will come in 7-10 days so we will know then

I’m also curious on this one! I’ll be waiting for that review :wink:
Specs: Low - High - Off + Strobe (double click) ! At least is what I understood from seeing the diagram on their store.


I have the NW version that works. Debating whether to pull the trigger on the CW now, but with my luck, I’ll get a malfunctioning one this time since it seems like half of them are having issues…

The M5 claims 170 lumen on a AA battery, that makes its driver fall into the oldschool category, not the nice regulated drivers that perform to well over 200 lumen that the Mankers and Utorches (and Zebralights) have.

I believe the name “Sofirn” is mispelled, their intention was to register SoFire :-D but they probably sent Chumlee's asian cousin to the business register office and shit happened (LoL!).

Cheers ^:)


My favorite 1xAA lights:

- Zebralight SC5w. Great EDC, very bright, efficient, lots of modes. Nice user-interface for a flashaholic, but a newbie will likely just use the high mode.

- Fenix LD12 (2017 edition). Nice simple UI for newbies, with multiple modes. Pleasant neutral-white tint.

- Armytek Prime A1 (warm). Nice tint if you like warm tints (also available in a more neutral cool-white). Very tough.

- Manker T01. Very good throw for a 1xAA light.

- DQG Tiny AA. Very small 1xAA light. Twisty interface (keeps size small), but it works well.

I just ordered one of those SF14’s, because of the feedback here. I’ve bought quite a few of the Thorfires, over the last couple of years for friends, and family. I’ve had one in my pocket, since. I must not be very susceptible to PWM, because I’ve never noticed it ( I had to record it, to see it).
I have a new TG06s that I got a week or so ago, from Amazon ( I gave another one away :person_facepalming: ) , that doesn’t have PWM, on any mode. It is clearly a different driver design than my other TG06s. The TG06 I presently carry has a Sofirn labeled driver, but it is one of the earlier models.
I am “fairly” confident, that Sofirn is the actual manufacturer, for Thorfire lights. Thorfire might have their own R&D, but I believe Sofirn is the producer.
I like that it starts on high, but do wish it had memory, though obviously not a dealbreaker for me.

I have two NW UT01’s. The first one only works properly with AA NiMh, which really irritated me, because I really liked the light otherwise.
The second arrived today and, happily, works with unprotected 14500. The tints are a little different though.

I’m curious about some of the other AA/14500 lights out there though.

Utorch UT01 for me. Luckily I got one with no issues. Love the UI, love the button. Mi7 loses out because of cold tint and UI.

If I could change one thing though it would be a low in the range of firefly - 0.1 lumens. I find this level incredibly useful, to the point where I want a Thrunite T10 since it’s the only budget neutral firefly option out that I’m aware of

Sofirn=Sofire. Makes sense to me. :+1:
Thanks Barkuti.

I had a couple of older Thorfire TG06’s. They had awful PWM. So would not be surprised at all if the newer models did not and the real manufacture was Sofirn. Thanks Brian.