Best Single AA flashlight for 2017/18 ?

So what is the best single AA powered flashlight for 2017/18 ? Best zoomer is Xtar's 007 but has a bluish hue beam. Worst is any Coast Flashlight because they are exspensive and all have purplish hue beams.


Looks cool....................

The Zebralight SC5w and SC5c are both strong candidates. 500 lumens out of a Ni-MH AA is crazy. I just wish they’d use a 219C instead of an XP-L2.

For me it is tie between these two lights.

Next week I receive a Sofirn SF14 for review. Wonder how it will compare. Anyone know the meaning of the word “Sofirn” ?

In German: sofern so•fern conj provided (that)
That is the best I can do.

Is Sofirn a Chinese word? ??

Oh yeah, forget the Zebralights, this is some real high quality stuff right here.

證實;確認;斷言 Affirm used in a sentence.

“Sofirn” A true quality item maybe.

Who can speak Hon ?

Never owned or used a Zebralight. has one clearance now. A SC52 I think.

Wellp, it’s different. I like the funny names like Angry Fox, Local Lion, and my favorite, Lemon Best.

I like the Uking brand name
Lemon beast does not sound reliable translated into English. Maybe in Chinese it means powerful yellow light.

does angle light count? >> Manker E03H (nichia)

It depends what “best” means for you…

Utorch UT01 comes to mind. Touchy on battery length though.
Klarus Mi7.
One of my favorite is the Jetbeam Jet-1 MK cause it’s small, cheap, rugged and quite bright on 14500.
The Lumintop Prince Mini is the most beautiful for me - and quite bright on 14500 too. On the heavy side though.
The new Lumintop Tool AA is not bad in twist mode on 14500 - short and light for edc. Rather lame on Ni-MH though.

Klarus Mi7: I have the titanium version and I love how it looks, size and light weight.

Klarus mi7. Works great on AA and 14500.

Don’t laugh but I keep going back to the Thorfire TG06S. Puts out a solid 500lm, has great throw and you can get them for $15 all day without codes or deals. I use them for my work EDC light. Dropped it - who cares, crushed it/lost it - oh well, get another for $15 and be done with it.

I sliced off the dome on my current one and it rocks even harder. It blows away my Thrunight T10 by a country mile in every way except output on an AA.

(Edit to correct model number.)

My votes get 3 lights

Utorch UT01
Klarus Mi7
Lumintop Tool AA

Sofirn SF14 is gaining lots of points with me. Much nicer than the Thorfire TG06S because it has no PWM in the lower modes and is brighter.

I’m with you on this! Sofirn SF14 has been a pleasant surprise from this year AA/14500 flashlights.
I have the SP10A (driver) and SP10B on the way, gotta check on those and see how they behave!

I’m also curious about Lumintop EDC05, that seems a Utorch UT01 and Manker E11 competitor!

Yep, the ’14 is a nice little critter! I was gifted one, really like it.

Also got a ’10B on the way. Well, a few ’10Bs. :smiley: