Best Single AA flashlight for 2017/18 ?

I like JetBeam Jet-1 MK better than JetBeam E01R, which seems to be preferred by most :slight_smile:

Reylight Ti Lan v3 on kickstarter. Seems like a killer light. The older models had great flood from the photos I’ve seen making it good for EDC.

Yeah, the Lumintop “resets” back to M after a very short while. Ugh, that’s gonna piss me off, as I usually reset lights down to F (or at least L) so I don’t blind myself at night.

AFAIK, Lumintop’s default mode when Tool released was M-L-H.
They changed the modes into L-M-H after some requests.

Dunno if they bring back the old modes or you receive the old version.

My AA Tool goes L M H
My AAA Tool goes M L H (just as you described)

Flash sale, so maybe older stock?

Box says it’s got an XP-G3, but it’s definitely a nice 219 tucked in there. No date-code or anything else that I can see that’d indicate year of mfr.

ZERO lube on any of the threads, though. Scratches like nails on a blackboard when (un)screwing the cap. Gaaaah!

Yeah, I just don’t get that… Turn it on at night, get blinded.

Then again, L isn’t exactly F, so it’s still kinda bright in pitch-blackness. Still, M can light up a room via ceiling-bounce, so that’s damned bright at night, especially if I just want to light up a wall-clock for a second or two.

I saw that, too.
I have high expectations with this model to replace my Thrunite T10 as an EDC.
I love Olight products, but e-switch for everyday use is not for me.

Didn’t gearbest sell Convoys with emitter/driver combinations that simon himself didn’t offer (unless asked) on his shop? Maybe the aluminium Tool AAAs with nichia where swapped by GB, since Lumintop’s website specifies nichias only on the copper and titanium versions.

Also they say all of the AAA versions default to medium, except for the christmas version where I didn’t find any specification, possibly starting on low like the AA chrsitmas version.

With the AAs (to keep on topic), standard version defaults do medium, but this time on the christmas edition they specify starting on low

Does anything like this exist?

- 1xAA with 14500 support

- Smallest length possible

- Rechargeable port

  • Nichia led

That is a Unicorn

Do you have th elink to the video please ?

How is the standby drain on this? And does it work with a protected 14500 cell?

ReyLight TiLan. Mk1, 2 and 3. No-brainer. price/quality wise. Got the 1, ordered the 3.

Seeking at taobao, I found this:

Does any one have info on this light?
14500, usb rechargeable (it seems, from the image)!

Any help appreciated! :wink:

Im waiting on more info and price on the olight i6t curious about that one.

Isn’t the i6T a CR123 flashlight? :expressionless:

Nice indeed! :+1:

It seems that you’re right…
Crap, I had some expectation for it to become my new EDC…

The i3t looks like the cr123 flashlight to me. However I have been wrong in the past.