Best single mode XM-L thrower flashlight with remote pad?


sorry for my english but i ask what could be better around as flashlight thrower with xm-l one mode. I need to use a remote pad.


I'm checking all the reviews but they are all multi mode

thanks for all ANSWER

Can anyone help me?

Is some DIY an option? or other suitable already XM-L flashlight maybe a c8 or skyray 1jc8?




thanks Budgeteer , there is something already complete? I'm not an expert of assembly components..

My first question is what weapon are you going to install this on? Next, how much throw do you need? One battery or two? How much can you afford to spend?

I have to mount it on the rifle. Two 18650 batteries would be better, for medium-long distance. The price is not insane.

If you want a good quality 2x18650 light with medium throw and lots of brightness, you can buy a Jetbeam BC40 and a remote pad.

If you want more throw check out the Olight M3X and a remote pad. It will cost you about twice as much but it has twice the throw.

The Jetbeam BC40 has two mode, the remote pad controls only the power High, right?

Does it have to be an XM-L? The Solarforce Skyline I Long Throw Infinite Mode Flashlight with Remote Switch Pad looks like a nice weapon light. The seperate modes should ensure to not switch modes accidently while shooting and you have still the option to dim the light down for runtime.

Thanks Vectrex. I have already the skyline I and I am very happy but is for long long distance with very narrow beam. I would like to buy a XM-L.

I would go with a good driven Q5 or R2, and pressure pad for weapon use. Its the good one with alu reflector and decent pill.


Gonna work pretty decent without breaking the bank. Apart the tailcap switch swap no modding required either. Need pliers/tweezers tho. good for 2h' or funtime. You dont want modes in a pressure activated flashlight for sure.

I have also 1JC8, I've bought on the advice of old post. I think to buy BC40.


You convinced me. BC40 ok. Thanks