Best USB-C powerbank style battery in 2024?

Anything better than the Vapcell P2150A right now?

Looking for ultralight backpacking. Need a 5000mAh+ battery that can both be charge and charge other devices (phones/headlamps) with a USB-C port.

My understanding is that the new vapcell variant can’t charge other devices.

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I don’t have a single cell recommendation. But you might consider this option, if the 26650 size isn’t required:

I’d put a couple high-capacity 21700s in it. That would put it at ~10,000 mAh, while remaining fairly compact and light weight.

Obviously if you need a 26650 cell specifically for some other purpose, this doesn’t help.

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I’m still rocking my P2150A on my keys. I don’t think anything better is out yet since the P2160A is input only.

maybe the Nitecore NL2150RX since it recharges faster

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What do you mean on your keys.

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I keep a P2150A in a 21700-sized silicone sleeve. I loop it onto my keychain.

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I’d be hesitant to hang a lithium ion battery off of my keys, mainly because any dents or smacks to the cell could damage it, even if it’s in a silicone sleeve, and because I tend to be a bit rough with my keys in general. For me, it’s hard shell or stored within a light, or not at all.

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Same here thats why I asked, not the right place for a battery.

Very true, I was hesitant too. Then after making a few modifications, nothing on my keychain’s sharp or abrasive enough to puncture it. If i’m doing anything physical I don’t have a keychain on me.

I find it indispensable on nights when I’m out. This finger-sized 5000mAh powerbank suits my lifestyle and minimalist carry perfectly, but it won’t suit everyones.

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The acebeam type C 21700 goes both ways.

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Where did you get the 21700 sized silicone sleeves? I see only 18650 sized sleeves on AliExpress.

Goes both ways?

yeah bit tricky to find. They come up if you search 20700 silicone sleeve. Mine were sold as 20700 sleeves, fits fine

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