Best WARM flashlight right now ?

thanks guys for all these suggestions, i finally choose the SKYRAY KING 4 X CREE XM-L T6 :bigsmile:

OK….so you come in asking for a warm white, then 1:30hr runtime on high, then no Li-ion flashlight….then choose a non-warm white, Li-ion that wont last 1hr 30min runtime on high and isnt a good deal. What was the point of this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… it look warm to me :open_mouth: and yeah i don’t own any lion battery but now I have to buy four, i don’t know the runtime for this but it use four lion battery so i thought the runtime was fine

Well first off, I think you can get the Kung (most people call the 4 emitter version of SRK the Kung) for about $35 with free shipping now. Look for the threads here about the Kung light for info on it, they are highly variable in quality too.

Next consideration, I think my SRK (3 emitters, otherwise same light) runs a little over an hr, approaching 1.5 on high, but this has 4 emitters, so if its driven even decent, not only will it last just around an hour, but you cant hold on to the light after about 15min continuous run without burning your fingers (I have a 4 emitter version, it gets finger burning hot at 12 or so mins and unholdable later).

You also can’t judge the tint by the picture because cameras change the tint etc, and warm white is typically more expensive, so it would be extremely unlikely its warm white if it doesn’t specifically say so, it would be a selling point.

Save $10 on the SRK, spend $10 more on these emitters.

i did not know it became unusable after 15 minutes, I’ll have to find another one…

Thanks but i’m not good at soldering, i must pass on this…
it’s so difficult to find a decent warm flashlight, only because there are few choices…

The Kung gets very hot, its not “unstable” that I know of. If you want warm white there are lots of SRKs even, just do a search. They are variable in quality. Buy a black one to help deal with the heating up issue.

Yeah but the golden color is recommended at the FASTTECH website… “This golden version is recommended over the black version for better build quality and output.” maybe i’ll wait for a good warm one in the future…

I have plan to buy a warm white torch also.
anybody has warm lights from armytek?
I would like to know its color temperature.

That notice is quite old. I wouldn't put much stock in it. Bought 3 black ones from FT, over a long period of time, all three were fine. Still have one around somewhere.

Exactly !

Why do you even ask if you buy something blindly completely out of your “requirement” ?… Seriously you will be highly disappoint by this light.

he asked our advice and we gave it to him, he has no obligation to follow it
i would pick a different light as well if i were him starting out, but it seems he decided after doing more research he wants that one instead

well… i realize that the market for this kind of flashlight is not developed enough for my needs… I’ll just wait a few months maybe years to find the one that suits me best… but that problem would be solved if i was good at soldering, but it’s not the case.

No, he was misinformed about this light and did not bought it after-all since it was not warm, see upward.

Like someone said HID with 4300k would be a good idea and will give huge amount of light compared to LED (depending of models of-course), the problem is that the quality is random on cheap no-names but you will have a huge batttery with it and a charger so no problem on this side. HID are meant to use for long time session but turning them off every 30 seconds will reduce the bulb lifetime.

again we gave advice, and free advice is ultimately worth what you pay for it, but i think there is a lot of good advice in this thread

frankly for a first light a bit warm i would get this with some sanyo 2600 batteries and a charger
with the understanding that you can’t run it on high for the whole battery life unless you want to burn your hands and wreck the battery (i think of it as a manually controlled turbo, or buy one with a lower max current)


That link is to a Convoy M1. I have one in a warm white, and I love it. In the few weeks since I got it, it has rapdly become my favourite torch.

It runs on high for a lot longer than the small-headed Convoy S series, but it is not much bigger than them. Like all the Convoy torches, it is astonishingly well-built for the price, with no significant weaknesses.

However, I would recommend buying it direct from Simon, who makes them. He sells them through this page on Aliexpress

Simon can supply them with an XM-L2 LED, which is about 20% more efficient than the XM-L sold by FastTech. He also has those XM-L2s in some rather nice tints.

I have just ordered a second one, with the following tweaks: AMC7135*8 & Emitter: XML2 warm white T4 7A3
That brought the price up to $22.03, but the extra is well worth it.

Just place the order specifying “AMC7135*8 & Emitter: XML2 warm white T4 7A3” in the “message for the seller” box, and don’t pay until Simon has adjusted the price.

What exactly are your needs? And do you really know how warm of light you want or how much light you need? I’m still having fun experimenting myself, but after my Convoy 2800mA T4-C7 emitter S2 I find I like that even more than typically presented “warm” lights. But I like to light up the whole forest on my hikes most of the time, so my bigger multi emitters go with me there :slight_smile:

well i just wanted a wall of light for 1h30 on high, but i’ll wait for the perfect one, i’m not in a hurry

No need to wait. A Sky Ray King will give you a wall of light for 1h30 on high.

Lots of reviews on BLF and elsewhere:"sky+ray+king"+review

Hey I have found something incredible for you ! >

3 X XML2 with huge selection of colors tints : from T6-2A (6000k) to T2-8B4 (2700k) and 4x 18650 for huge runtime.
See this graph for the selection of tint colors >