Best WARM flashlight right now ?

Hi, i registered on this forum because i have a question, what are actually in 2013, the best Warm (3000k - 3800k) LED flashlight on the market.

I found the Skyray King 3-XML WW and the Zebra light SC-600w with some search on this forum, but i wonder if there are now newer flashlights on the market.

The only flashlight i own now is a Fenix Tk70 and a rayovac AA indestructible, i just want something with a better color redention, i tend to prefer more FLOOD than throw because i’ll use it in the woods.

Thanks and sorry for my simple/bad english, i’m french.

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If you’re looking for good colour rendition then I think you want to read about high CRI emitters. I’m not into this myself so I can’t really advise you. But I’m certain someone will do so shortly.

Zebralight’s SC600w is 4200k and is stated as “neutral white”. It isn’t very warm imo. The beam is quite floody though.

I'm really enjoying my 90+ CRI, 2700k, XM-L2 S6. I'm going to put it in a few more lights.

I've been finding the temperature/cri of MTG2 lights to be excellent...

It's warmer than the NW SRK from CNQ, and throws a bit further, but it's really a flood light. If you can get past the price tag, I'd highly suggest giving it a shot.

Thanks guys, i’ll do more research on Cree and eagletac :bigsmile:

Colour rendition is measured by CRI, and most Cree LEDs we use for our flashlights are not great at it. XM-L and XM-L2 u2 has a rendering of 65 which is not very good. Not to say you can’t get get better rendition, look up the xm-l2 datasheet, the page with the bins and temperature, below it is a paragraph that gives colour rendition values for the different emitters.

You may not easily find a light with good rendition, most flashlights focus on lumens and lower CRI leads to more lumens in cree LEDs, but you can usually buy a light and replace the LED if you have soldering skills, though i would make sure its a light that can be taken apart, look for reviews on BLF with pictures of the disassembled light

Warm white usually has better rendering, but not always, its best to check for that particular LED on the datasheet or ask here

Convoy S2 XML T4-C7 at Fasttech is very nice for $17. Very warm orangey beam, looks like “sunset” light feel.

I am really wanting one of the L3 Illumination lights with the Nichia 219 emitter (affordable and practical) . I had one light, and the CRI was great. I have a couple of the warm high CRI lights from 4Sevens , a SC51w & c, and a few other neutral tint lights, but the 219 is my favorite so far.

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I have a fiew Warm White LED lights, including a Skyray King WW, ( photos are on another thread i have here on BLF forms, comparing it to other SRKs of different color temperature) I also have several modded lights that i put 2700 - 3200K Warm White Emitters into and like alot, including a Sipik SK68, several small EDC lights. some LED lanterns, and a Fandyfire Rook. My favourite for Flood & brightness is the Skyray WarmWhite, then a Sipik SK68 WW for a portable small EDC light.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the model of this Skyray king? XM-L T6 or XM-L2 U2 ? :steve:

Thanks guys for all theses emmiters, but i’m too noob for soldering it myself… i can’t even put a new on/off switch on my GPS… i tried with no good result… :_(

The one i have is the XM-L T6 model. i like it because it has very nice Color rendering, and is brighter than any incandescent spotlight i ever had and much more floodier.
( as seen here in the top left corner.)

I’m not much into warm white, but, coincidentally, I got some. has some triples on sale:

These have the LXM3-PW51 emitter (3 of them, in series) and the Luxeon sheet says:

i.e., minimum 85 and typical 90 CRI.

They also have the singles:

Those use the LXM3-PW71 emitter:

Or, these:

which also have the LXM3-PW51 emitter (and are on sale).

Put one of either of those into a light….

I think the best stock flashlight right now is XinTD C8 with Warm White - XM-L2 T3 6A1 (80CRI Min.) That is 3500K. They just added this LED option.

After it depend of your use and preference, the C8 is more of a thrower and only use one 18650 battery so the runtime will be lower than with multiple cells but its small and lightweight. The C8 is exactly like using one LED of your TK70 but with more power.

You may also like the neutral white 5000k color if you haven’t test it, it give more lumens than warm white and is 75 CRI. Then a MT-G2 light would be better since it give lot of light with wide flood. Like Crelant 7G5MT

+1 on the c8


I’ve just compared mine to a $urefire P60 incan; the T4-C7 turned out to be quite close, a wee bit more yellowish (yet, a lot brighter, and the beam being a lot smoother than on the 20 years old “Laser-Products” 6P).

there’s also the xintd x3 with the 80cri emitter boasting the capability to run on aa cells if you’d prefer not to run lithium cells.

Here’s the xintd c8

here’s the xintd x3

both are well worth a look, I love my x3.

Thanks, i don’t own any LION battery so any non-lion flashlights are welcome, but i emailed Hank Wang and he does not have it in warm white, only NW … :_( but thank you for the suggestion, i would take it if the warm white option was available.

AND thanks guys for the replies, but i don’t care to not have an EDC, i want something that will last me at least 1h30 in high mode. i don’t think only one battery will do the job :quest:

A single 18650 have more power than 3 AA.
Not many choice and almost everything use Li-on battery right now…

The best option from your requirement would be a modded flashlight with 4x18650 for long runtime with 3 X 90+ CRI, 3000k, XM-L2 S6 made by somebody but it would not be cheap and you also have to bought the batteries and charger.

I think you can’t replace the TK70 LED because there is glue everywhere inside.

Best warm would be an ebay HID 85w 4300k temp flashlight.