Bezels (again)

As Flashlight Foy said, nice bezel can really improve the look of the flashlight. What I hate the most is the cheap looking, plastic retaining ring on some flashlights. So, here are a few of my bezels made of different materials (stainless steel, stainless steel/brass and brass).

What kind of light is that last one?? It’s gorgeous!

That's my P60 flashlight based around the Solarforce 18650 extender. The switch is modified DX sku. 14024 with removed anodizing, and the head is home made. That was my attempt to made 18650 P60 flashlight more compact than WF-501B, which is one of the smallest 18650 host. I used R2 module, but changed the driver and installed this one:

Between the head and the module is almost no space, so thermal paste is enough to improve the heat transfer.

And a very nice job you did making it smaller!

Did youi make those bezels yourself?

Interesting, I have an Ultrafire 510 myself, and when I hold it against the above picture on my monitor, the photo is almost exatly life-sized.

Dig the bezel on the first light. Actually, that whole light is awesome.


Excellent effort. Great work with the custom unit with the perfectly sized head.

it is a very good driver. When it would't be so expensive, I will put this thing in all my 18650 flashlight. Didn't measured, but it looks very efficient too.

I love that green colored Jetbeam. Very purdy.

Where would you find these or are they all custom made?


Where would you find these or are they all custom made?


That first bezel is especially nice, the two tone effect is really good.

Your p60 is just awesome! :)

Dicky, they are all custom made. That two-part bezel is actually a result of mistake. I made full stainless steel bezel, then I tried to made an inside angle of the bezel steeper, to incrase the overall output. But I exaggerated and almost cut the bezel in half. So I glued the brass ring inside and machined to dimension.

Hehe, Awesome mistake! :)