BG Micro 10 Ppack of Sanyo 18650 Batteries and a Charger for $19.95+shipping

10 pieces UR18650F/2000mAh rechargeable lithium ION batteries by Sanyo and a charger for an unbelievable price. These batteries are in sealed factory cases. Dont let your flashlight or computer die.
Charger Features:
·Brand new and high quality.
·Slim and portable design.
·Can charge battery quickly and safely.
·Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.
·Input Voltage: AC 100V - 240V 50 / 60Hz Max150mA.
·Output Voltage: DC 4.2V 600mA.
·Battery Type: 1 or 2 x 18650 rechargeable battery.
·Rechargeable Time Limit: about 2 hours.
·Dimensions: 44 x 32 x 83mm / 1.73 x 1.26 x 3.27inch (L x W x H).
·LED Red when charging Green when charged

9 in stock after I bought one.

I’m not trying to trash the thread but my experience with chargers that look identical to whats in the picture was not good. Five chargers came with lights I purchased and not one terminated. Just beware.

True, I want the batteries and the charger is, IMO, a throw away. :slight_smile:

Do you know if those are button tops?

8 in stock now. Picked them up anyways. Thanks for the tip

Last time I ordered these they were flat tops.

Hah, i bought some like a year ago, back when they listed them as 2600mAh. These are really old stock guys. I think they are 5-6 year old 2600mAh cells, that test out at 2000mAh. I bought 100 of them and returned them all.

Last time I took the chance to buy 10 18650s at similar price. It turned out they were not fresh from the factory but about two years old.
Still it was a good deal for me because they were genuine cells with decent capacity, stable and keep its charge far better than ultrafires. I never regret buying them at $2 a piece.

How do you charge a 2000mAh battery in 2 hours at 600mA?

I bought the same amount last time and returned them all as well.

How much was shipping?

I think it was $6 to the US.