bicycle light need 18650 batteries and charger

Hi guys

I orderd 3 of these lights

5w LED Bicycle Bike Head Front Rear FlashLight Torch R

You can find the set cheapper than 9$

THey are good value for the money.The led is generic but i estimate the output is about 80-100lm I do not know how this can be.

Until now i have received only 1 piece I hope the other will be of the same brightness.

The host is very well made with nice threads.The lens are cheap from cheap plastic

I was thinking of swaping the generic led with a cheap cree q5 led but since i use it for riding my bicycle i will wait untill they stop working.

I need some batteries.I have 1 good set of aaa batteries and they give under 2 hours of light.I am thinking of using 18650 lipo batteries

So I found these

Do you gus recommend these?

Hi, before you do someting you wil regret let's straight a few things out.

LiPO and Li-ion are similar but require a different charger. Your last link shows li-ion technology not LiPO. Mixing the two technologies calls for a disaster.

My advice would be (since im using to ride in dark too) to get a single 18650 capable light along with the less miserable li-ion charger you can find. A good choice would be XTAR MP1 or WP2 if you require two cell charging at a time.

DX and manafont have a few good bike mounts. Lastly you may choose a decent R5 preferably flashlight with a hi med lo modes. My setup is UF-504B host (the manafont one, now they have a cashback option so check if interested!) and their single mode r5. I find it perfect for my needs. Have to change the driver one of this days to get modes. A med is often enough and before dark a low is really nice just to be seen! On high you get around 2h of very decent output. Try to not buy the most low end cells. If you value your teeth do not get protected cells otherwise you might get a suddent shut off in a corner. :D Better safe than sorry.

Once you go the li-ion route you will soon find to like AA, AAA's way less if not just only for your pocket lights.

I used to have a few flashlights like yours but i'm glad i tried li-ion. One additional benefit is you get great lumen/runtime ratio! Carrying a spare 18650 would be all you can possibly need on a recreational night trip around.

One of my friends swear by my ex Romisen RC-C8. Try it, it is 3xAAA or single Li-ion 18650. If you dont like it you can stil sell it to someone and have it running on 3x AAA...

P.S. I doubt that thing does more than 70 lumens. Not to mention almost 2h of runtime. It would be 40 lumens at 1h mark...

THank you for correcting me.I was not sure about the difrrences of Lipo and plain Lion. Checked it on wikipedia too

I needed cheap ligts so I would not care if someone steels them.I got these sets under 3.5 Euros each and will use 2 of them on my bike,.Another reason i do not want to use an expensive flashlight is that i do not think it will withstand the vibrations of the bicycle. I kind of ride roughly

Output of the first light that arrived is way better than any cree Q5 light on AA-Nimh i have and about the same output of a cree R2 light on 3xaaa i have.So i assume it is about 80-100 lumens. I saw someone selling generic leds on alibaba that look like the one my light has with nominal output 80 lumens. I was suprised myself of the output.I didnot expect more than 20-40 lumens too

The estimated runtime on 1100 NiMh aaa batteries(Soshine) is about 2 hours until they start to get dim. So lets say the batteries are of 900 real mah 900x1.2x3=3240mWh so the power consumed will be 1,620 watt.I think they are directly driven.80 lumens from 1.620 watt is not a exaggeration... Not bad for a light under 3.5 euros with a rear led light + a really good flashlight bicycle mount

Still hard to believe. 2h 80-100 lumens on 3AAA? To add even more insult... all that on soshine cells and probaly charged on generic charger that can't do a serious refresh on them.

Anyway, if it does i understand why are you happy.

I use easy to dismount bike mounts so i take my flashlight with me when im away. Even the 3€ ones gets stolen so don't think youre safe having a cheap one.

Thanks for sharing as many do not need that much light. Im picky tho... I want to see what's ahead and im going on average around 30+Km/h on a trekking bike with spikes at 45Kmh but i get uneasy at that speed.

This week i just got a second light.This one is no more than 40-50 lumens.Mabey i was lucky with the first one. I saw that the emmiter has something like glue covered all over. How can i take the glue of without ruining the emmiter?I think exesive glue was used to glue the emmiter on the star and it covered the emmiter.

Anyway now i am using 2 of these lights and cars slow down in the dark when they see me. I tried using a P7 900lumens flashlight but it seems to annoy drivers really bad and i don't think the flashlight will last long under such vibrations. Ofcourse if you ride in woods or agriculture territory such flashlight is needed

Is a SSC P7 LED? The glue you see probably is not glue. It is a "cloudy" LED dome.... If I am not wrong is the D bin of P7

Post a picture so we can see the issue. A ssc p7 is not really annoying if you pont it down properly. If you point it straight however others would easily be offended. I light my next 20-30 meters in front of me and never had issues. I however mostly use a r5 driven at around 1,1-1,2A and suits me fine.

Probably frosted to defuse the light.

And your educative point is?

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