Big ass battery pack flashlights

Scrolling on AliExpress came across these huge flashlights. Pretty handy for around the house (working on the car or motorcycle) Does anyone have any experience with these and can suggest some nice ones? What to pay attention for with these things?

Pretty good flooder with long runtime. Has a thrower on the other end with a laticebright LED. Famous blue tinted white on the thrower and a slightly better white on the flooder. Silly red and blue strobe turning ignorant consumer into unlicensed policeman

No actual test since it wasn’t mine but friend uses his light in his canopy tent.
From his 8pm to 12am night market he only needed to charge it after the 6th day and it was enough to light his tent and play music via his bluetooth speaker and phone.

Cheap plastic construction puts me off though. Hard plastic membrane switch feels like its gonna break but hey it works for an average consumer it should be fine for us eh? I’d skip modding it since it won’t benefit from the heat.

Thanks for your comments and advice, the cheap plastic is usually the problem in this price range.

this is what i have used for 5 years:

got it from Walmart, but it’s out of stock:

None for me, thanks.

I’m always skeptical of these flashlights. They almost look cartoonish! And the issue is that if they don’t live up to the advertising claims, it would cost too much to send it back for a refund.

But it would be interesting for someone to take a chance on one and let us know how good or bad they really are.

yea. you carry one like a getto bluster, lol