Big-Deep XML reflector, Mod host for THROW XRE or XPE ?

I'm thinking about a DIY build for throw. Has anyone tried replacing the XML with an XR-E or XP-E in a deep-dish throw design? What were the results?

I am thinking about taking the best ~$50 XML thrower (45-50000 Lux range) and replacing it with the smaller / brighter die surface of the brightest flux bin XRE / XPE.

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STL-V2 around 48000 lux if you replace with XR-E or XP-E @1.2 - 1.5A may be 60000 - 80000 lux (depend on reflector)

Host for mod

2x18650 STL-V2 (LED base difficult to mod ) or Uniquefire V6 easier than STL-V2

1*18650/26650 XXXFire HD2010

Thanks Pok, you read my mind. I have an HD210 incoming. I might get another and mod it for single mode XRE / XPE for throw, like a spot-use only kind of light for long distances.

Which emitter XRE or XPE do you think will throw farther in reflectors like these? My understanding is the XPE is available in a brighter flux BIN but can't b driven as hard. While the XRE is not a bright but can handle over-driven currents better in a large enough host with adequate heat sink.

I am slightly leaning towards the XPE in an R4 or R5 BIN. I am guessing it will place the die at the same focal length as the XML.

Am I way off base in my thoughts?


I'd love to see beamshots of an hd2010 w/ xre. please let us know the results of your efforts :)

Another plus for the XP-E in a reflector is that it has a wide beam angle so more of the beam hits the reflector.

Do you consider the DX 66mm aspheric lens?

Yes, If you prefer aspheric lens

Sure!!! I will make it, but the problem is...... BEZEL Host sold out.

XM-L , XP-G , XP-E are around 120 degree , You can use the same reflector , but XR-E is 90 degree. It's difficult to fix focal length.

IMO don't trust me

Reflector =XP-E highest bin + 1.2A - 1.4A ( 4*7135 105C V1 ) + copper base + xxxFire HD2010 + ULC = around 90,000+- lux

Aspheric lens = DX 66mm aspheric lens + XR-E EZ900 + 4x7135 V2 + BEZEL host??? = around 150,000+ lux

Here is my attempt with my Ultrafire D1 (similar to Uniquefire V6) plus a xr-e (at 1.5A) with unknown bin.

I can show the difference only with mouse out-over function.

The left spot is my citipower X7 at 3A on both pictures with approx 26k lux.

right spot when mouse out -> xr-e at 1.5A, the highest reading was somewhere around 70-72k lux

right spot when mouse over -> with xm-l 53k lux (with modified stock driver)

if the D1 wasn't so well suited to handling the heat of an xml I might have to do that!

I have both of the > 70mm DX lenses on the way. I hope to use one in this.

I have an extra bezel so I can cob it to a longer focal length by stacking them. probably use xre to make a boating spotlight, unless that gives me a hotspot that is just too tiny...

Great feedback gents. I never really considered an aspheric. I'll have to research that some more. Wow that DX 66mm looks sick!! It should capture a lot more Lumens than the smaller aspherics I have tried.

Still scoping things out though. Need to get the HD2010 in first, then evaluate things further.


I seem to lose around 20% of the lux when swapping from mystery binned XR-Es to U2-binned XM-Ls.

The fourfold increase in spot size makes it worthwhile, IMO.

I've never gone the other way, e.g. what you are proposing here. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

i wish cree would read these threads and make an xre that scales to 3A. I'd have no problem w/a $25 price tag...