Big lumens. Anything better than astrolux mf01s for 100$?

Any other suggestions? Thanks

Emisar D18 for USD 99:- ?

Throw—Thrunite Catapult V6

Flood—EagleTac SX25L3 (XHP50)

More lumens from the Haikelite MT09R for throw ($120) and MT03 TA for flood ($90).

Read the various threads on astrolux issues, especially with warranty after a few months

Then do a search on emisar and hank wang, and how his warranty/cs is

Remember the price you pay is useless if your light stops working a few months in and astrolux wont take care of you

Unless u like a DIY fix it up project :wink:

Theres alot of cheerleading of various lights here, but not much talk when they dont work

I would pic the Emisar D18 in your desired tint.

I too have been trying to find the best soda can light in that price range. I narrowed it down to the mf01(s), the Emisar D18 and the Fireflies rot66. The latter is a bit smaller with great emitter options, but more people seem to like the other two lights around here.
I would have bought the Astrolux already if it wasn’t for previous bad experiences with their overlords at Banggood. I have had issues with orders from both Banggood/Astrolux and Emisar. Emisar was a pleasure to deal with and fixed the problem quickly (even though it could have been my fault), while Banggood had me pulling my hair out over something that was clearly their fault. I have no idea what Fireflies customer service is like.

Emisar D18 (+15usd) you get to customize your emitter choices

Thanks guys