Big Solar Flare coming! Fuel up the Generator.

Being BLF am pretty sure we all have plenty of Lanterns, Flashlights and backup batteries.
Grid going down is scary stuff so hope that does not happen especially with the extreme summer heat.

Now this Gov’t guy says “Don’t Worry” so hey everything gonna be alright. :slight_smile:

Stay Safe!

On a related note, just had a meteorologist at my airport tell me that with summers this hot, we always get hurricanes here in Houston. He said we should be worried.

Our sun’s 11-year cycle is in an upward swing. But the odds of us getting a Carrington Event-level event is also coming around since it’s been a long time since 1859.

Much ado about near nothing.

1st) M Class flare expected.

2nd) The likelihood of one popping off directly our direction is incredibly low.

3rd) Worrying over clickbait like this makes the event something along the lines of “The little boy who cried Wolf too many times” story. Gives us all one more reason to not believe the news. For myself, I have multiple Faraday Cages stuffed to the gills with multiple things I want to survive a Carrington Type event, so it’s not like I do not take the issue seriously: I do.

Being that we are not orbiting an M-class dwarf, we are okay.

Although, our star is unusually calm, even when classed with other G-type, older, calmer stars of it’s type…

It would be nice to have an event that while doing no serious harm, would be enough to get voters thinking about the stability and consistency of our electricity production and the reliability of our electric grids.

These increasing blackouts and hit and miss service are ridiculous.

Looking at the photo of the sun in the article linked in the original post, the sunspots do not appear directly in the center of the image of the sun. They’re actually slightly below center.

So even if that sunspot does erupt in a large flare wouldn’t most of the flare actually pass below the earth. We do not appear to be in line for a direct hit.