Big'ish Head Mini

I've never seen a 100mm light with a 38mm reflector. If the pill is good then this has true potential. Its a shame the reflector is OP. If it was Smooth then this could have even greater potential as a pocket thrower.

Looks like a mini C8. Cool.

Yep, amazing really that its never mentioned here although it seems that the light has been around for almost a year it seems.

DX has that body with an XM-LT6 in it for a couple dollars more.

I just ordered something similar today, sku#100159. I'm anxious to see what it's like when it gets here.

Ring-around-the-collar! Those dirty rings!

Hmmm. That DX offering looks interesting...would be even more interesting, if it was in the U.S. warehouse.

The DX one looks nice, but the description says it is regulated at 3A???

On a 16340 battery that's gonna give you what, about 15 minutes of runtime?

Yeah, that's why I'm anxious to see what it's really like, I don't put much merit into the accuracy of the DX descriptions