Bike light recommendations

I need a good bike light, for actual visibility of the road from drivers perspective. Not a signal light for surrounding cars to see me.

Do you guys have some recommendations of specific lights you have good experience with? Any good brands/models you guys feel confident recommending?

I was toying with the idea of putting my BLF Q8 on a bike camera mount and using that, but I am jot sure if it will come of during ride and how stable it would be.

Wuben B1?

Nitefighter BT40S with battery pack suit your runtime needs.

See here:

I’m thinking about mounting a Sofirn SP36 with some “super clamps”.

I might use this one (Fotografie Super Clamp w/1/4 ''& 3/8'' Gewinde Clip für DSLR Kamera Gimbal Licht Stehen Stangen Lichter Regenschirm regale Kreuz Bars|Fotostudio-Zubehör| - AliExpress) to grab the light, and this arm thing with a smaller clamp to secure it to the bike (Multi funktion Ball Kopf Clamp Ball Clamp Magic Arm Super Clamp w/1/4 " 20 Gewinde für Kamera Käfig Rig Monitor/LED Licht|Fotostudio-Zubehör| - AliExpress). Might get rather heavy and complicated though, not really sure if it’ll work…

I have made one holder for my SP36 for bike. Also it’s possible to use something like that
My holder is similar to BG variant but I used 2 pipe holders for it.

How much distance do you require to stop? This seems like a simple question but its not. It varies widely from one person to the next. You never want your stop distance to exceed the range of visibility and in the case of night rides the throw of your illumination.

What kinds of terrain are you riding over? A city commute can be just as bumpy / jarring as anything off-pavement.

Is your preference a frame mount or a bar mount? Do you want a fixed aim headlight like a car? or do you want to aim light like a motorbike?

For a while I used a mount like this. It wasn’t stable enough for my liking. Although I never had a problem with it actually dropping the light on my smooth paved commutes and pack gravel trails. My daughter uses it now for her school commute. She likes it because the light can easily be removed.

I have been using this generic Amazon mount and have no major complaints other than the orange color. I haven’t had any issues with it, but note my light is really small and not heavy at all.

I really like the Lumintop B01 but it really doesn’t have a high mode. The medium is too low unless you ride exclusively in rural areas with no traffic, so high is the default and turbo is pretty useless because it’s on a short timer. Still a great light for $35 just not bright enough for the urban areas I sometimes ride in.

Right now I use a Convoy S2+ SST40, it has a perfect beam for my riding style as well as good brightness and runtime.

Two-fish lockblocks or knockoffs work great and are cheap. I use them exclusively on all my bikes, including MTB and haven’t had any issues. No reason not to use your Q8 IMO.

EC01 SST40/50.2 with Fenix ALB-10 is my go-to setup.

I have a both and is nice combo. But to fit EC01 in Fenix holder is good to remove supplied thick rubbers. In that case you have more space for screws. I replaced them with thin rubber from inner bycicle tube. I think to try and buy EC03 because it have same battery tube as EC01 and I want to use it wtih Fenix holder.