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Picked up a Jet1-MK. Thanks!

You are welcome guys.
If you need any other codes just tell me!

The S2+ wasnt working for me as it stated it was expired. Do you have another code?

You are welcome :slight_smile:
We were lucky! As soon as it got back in full stock, I was able to get a code on it.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other code available but I have requested a new one for tomorrow!

Edit: Typo

Could you get a deal on https://www.gearbest.com/batteries/pp_189833.html ?

Hmm, it seems that the batteries are out of stock (look at the estimated dispatch date).
Is there any other cells that you would be interested?

How about the other colour? ships jan 12 https://www.gearbest.com/batteries/pp_189823.html

Hey Bill,

Thanks for the deals. I have purchased flashlights for all my family and their families! Lol.

But to the guts of this request in a roundabout way. I ordered what appeared to be a clone of the Ultrafire DV - S9 dive light off eBay. Description said "natural white" tint. Well this was before you posted the code for the DV-S9, but when you did I got one of them too. Now i'm thinking I want something more powerful (night spear fishing wearing waders).

I was thinking of waterproofing one of my bike lights (BL-10MU2NW and BL70s from kaidomain)... And still might, but...

How cheap can you get a couple of these "HaikeLite DT70 CREE XHP70 3300LM 6500K Diving Flashlight"? I wonder if I can get 6k lumens on this one with mods similar to a L6. I guess Im mostly interested in it as a host.

Gosh, I write all of this... and find out the light is DISCONTINUED!!!!

Thanks for coming by my friend. I really appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

As for the DT70, it’s sad that it got discontinued.
I remember getting a pretty good deal for it a while back.
Is there any other diving light that you would like me to try and get a coupon for?

Banggood still stocks the DT70

heres a link

Edit : hope its ok i posted this Bilakos?

Of course it’s OK that you posted the link :smiley:

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My heat shrink kit arrived today.

Ordered 3 January. Arrived 11 January by free Netherlands Post surface mail to rural North Wales, UK. This is a personal speed record for no added cost shipping from China. So far, only £££ DHL is faster.

My $3.99 6 pc. tweezers set is here too.

They look pretty amazing for $3.99. They aren’t as nice as my Wiha tweezers, but those are about £20 each.

I won’t know how good they really are until I’ve been using them for a few months. Not expecting too much at this price.

Guys you have been getting some inane shipping times.
I wish I could say the same for my orders!

Just received an order I had placed in October!
It was probably transported on foot :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not worry, I have not yet received any of my September Gearbest orders. Banggood and Aliexpress shipping is free and never take more than three weeks, but Gearbest shipping is plain ridiculous, sometimes over 5 months :person_facepalming:

The funny thing is that the order wasn’t from GB :slight_smile:
If I can recall correctly, I am waiting a couple of orders from random eBay sellers.

I already got here all orders from Banggood and Aliexpress made in December but from Gearbest I just received stuff sent during summer holidays :weary: .

Anyone’s interested in another small batch of deals?
I will try to organize something in roughly 30 minutes’ time.

Another code for the convoy L2 please