☢ [Bilakos10 Premium Deals] ● Astrolux FT03 SST-40 ● Astrolux A01 UV ● Seeknite X6S ● JCD 8898 Hot Air Station ● SQ-D60

I was just going to edit my post to say that the L2 has expired :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I don’t have any other active codes for it, but I can always request more for Monday.

Also, if you are into monster output lights, I will be having a code for the L6 available for tomorrow.

L6 sounds even better I guess!

I should await my BLF GT first though…
Hopefully you don’t get us an offer I can’t refuse (again… :person_facepalming: )

2nd batch of deals for today!


Available for these countries:

Ganzo G704 Tactical Folding Knife
$ 8.99

If that Crelant was a NW or WW tint I’d get it in a second!!

It may have taken 50 tries, but i finally got some cheap heat shrink! thanks.

It’s too bad that the NW version is discontinued for quite some time.

You are welcome :smiley: :beer:

Because of the offer you provided, I purchased it.
Lumintop Tool Ti AAA & Lumintop Tool AAA . :smiley:

need now

Lumintop Tool Copper AAA
LuminTop EDC05 AA


Hi bilakos10, please don’t forget the code for boruit rj-02 :o)

Suggestion: wuben G339 light or something similar.

Also an inexpensive 4 slot charger.

Lastly flashlight storage box.

Hi bilakos anymore ATF F13.

Zanflare F1 $9.99 (Is there any chance to have this price again?)
KZ ZST Earphones
KZ Wireless Bluetooth

Hello Bill,
Could You please add PL (Poland) to your deals?
It would be great.


Added both of the products in my Monday’s requests :slight_smile:
I suspect that you enjoy Lumintop flashlights!

A code for the RJ-02 is already scheduled for Sunday!
Make sure to stay around so that you can grab it.

Are you referring to the Ultrafire F13? If yes, then I got an active code!

ATF F13 ordered ,thanks.

What is this used for?

Is it possible to get a discount code for something like this:
(not related to ligts :slight_smile: )

I can get a code for any product listed under Gearbest.com :P
I have already got a coupon for the 64GB version of the SD Card.
Is that any useful for you?

Thanks a lot! I will try to grab it fast.

bilakos10: I would rather have 128GB version, if possible :wink:

All of your requests have been noted.
I will try to fulfill them on Monday.

That’s OK.
I will try to get you a code for Monday.