☢ [Bilakos10 Premium Deals] ● Astrolux FT03 SST-40 ● Astrolux A01 UV ● Seeknite X6S ● JCD 8898 Hot Air Station ● SQ-D60

Tomorrow’s deals will hopefully be posted quite early, at around 12-12.30pm UTC+2.

Ordered the 8 30q deal, awesome price on these. Thanks!

You are welcome.
Out of curiosity, how much did shipping cost you?
I have been told by some users that GB has increased the shipping’s cost for li-ion cells.

$3 something. I believe it was $29.18 shipped. Roughly $3.65 a cell. Still a few bucks cheaper than I have been able to find on eight 30q’s
Almost bought two sets of 8

Requesting https://www.gearbest.com/batteries/pp_189823.html

Active deals

Available for these countries:

IMALENT DN70 Rechargeable Torch
$ 45.99
$ 24.99
HXY - H4 Smart Battery Charger
$ 17.99

Wow, the coupon code for boruit rj-02 is invalid within minutes and I just missed it :weary:

The coupon is valid, I just tried it (haven’t bought it). Maybe it’s not valid for your country?

My country is listed(TH). I can add the coupon at first try but when I’m making a payment, it says error and have me try to replace new order. When I re-order, it’s now invalid. I guess the code only allows once?

Yes most codes only work once. But if you put your order and got an error on payment, maybe you can try to just send payment again for the same order? Not sure that works, depends on what form of payment you use. Can you check if the order is found on your history?

Yes it was in the unpaid section before I cancelled it. Anyway, I tried the code again with another account, it still worked as you said, but Same error occurred. It could be from payment method then (credit card). I guess Paypal should have been fine. Thanks for your help Octav! I might have to wait for the next deal then.

I had the same problem. put through an order then realised I didn’t have the funds in my account so canceled the order.

next day placed the same order but when I entered the discount code I wasn’t able to use it as it was already used. very frustrating!

I guess it counts as used even we cancelled the order.

By the way, I just found out that the rj-02 is now on lightening deals and it is cheaper when I use GB points. So it is still fine.

*bilakos10, *can you maybe get code for desert tan xpl hi with 1A or 3A tint
in today deal tint is much to warm for me
thank you

The one with EU plug would be welcome :wink:

I have included it in Monday’s requests!

grabbed DN70 and RJ-02. thanks bilakos.

Hey Gregor.
Don’t get fooled by Gearbest’s title. The led is actually V2-1A which produces a Cool White tint.
GB has made a mistake and has marked all the versions of the S2+ as 3000K tint, but that’s not the case.

You are right :smiley:
Just bought sandy brown S2+ :+1:

Thank you for sand S2+ bilakos :slight_smile:

I even managed to add discounted lighted switch by using buy it together option :smiley: