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I am a little bit puzzled by the way the GB warranty works…
Samsung provides a 10 year warranty on their SD cards, however GB offers only 1 year warranty.
That’s fine and I understand their reasons, however, since the seller is not willing to offer a full 10-year warranty, nor is their distributor (so I’ve been told), what are our options as buyers?
I already have one orange Samsung EVO card (not from GB though), about 2 year old and it’s gone bad, so now I am trying to salvage it and retrieve the data. I don’t have to mention that I’d be more than happy to be able to get a good working one back instead of buying a new one, especially since it’s supposed to be backed by a 10 year warranty…

Wellp, this probably isn’t something you’d want to hear, but I consider those kinds of things (even flashlights) to have only a DOA warranty, if that. Anything that is in warranty, what would you have to do? Ship it overseas to verify it’s dead, hope it doesn’t get “lost” along the way, wait the better part of a year until everyone up and down the food-chain signs off on it and clears it for replacement?

By that time, 256es if not 512s will likely be out, and you’ll get 64s for a few bux, if they’re even sold anymore. All that work, time, and aggravation, for a card that’s now worth 5bux or less.

I still have an ancient 1gig flash-thingy (Staples) that’s been used pretty much several times per day, for years, that still works fine. So they can last for years, or croke after a week, who knows…

So I’d probably just order another one of the same kind, and consider that to only have a non-DOA warranty. After all, what are the chances of a second one croking? If that one were to croke out-of-the-box, then at least it’d be covered by the DOA warranty. But the first one…

And always always always have backups of anything important! Should be “needless to say”, but lots of people need it to be said.

Even my NASes and other big-disk storage, I try to be redundant with at least 2 copies, original and backup, on 2 physically separate drives.

The one I have is still in 20 USD range, depending on where you look to buy, and I don’t need a larger capacity since the device in which I am using it cannot benefit from more storage + I am quite happy with the amount of storage…
I don’t lose nerves, I just send it and wait, there is no room for aggravation. As for time and work - the postal office is on my way to groceries and filling out the info is 2 minutes tops. I have another one standing by and the one that comes from warranty is then a backup. On the other hand, with what I said above, I really question the benefit of not having a warranty on something I plan to use for a VERY LONG period of time and in a way depend on, to save a fraction of the cost. Yes, as time goes by it will be cheaper and cheaper, but at some point things don’t go cheaper than that (some things just stop dropping in price at certain point and just don’t go any lower than that, even if it’s not manufactured anymore).

Regardless, it still doesn’t change the fact that the manufacturer provides a 10 year warranty on a certain product, which some sellers do not offer when selling that same product from the same manufacturer, nor do their distributors. It just arouses certain suspicions sometimes and I wonder if the initial savings in cost are worth it in the long run, as local retailers do honor the 10 year warranty at the cost of greater initial price. So I can’t help but wonder, why couldn’t the rest as well and is the lesser warranty the cost of a lower price? If I have to buy again that same product later, I am not really saving any money…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against GB or anyone working like they do; so far every item I’ve received from them works as I expected it to work and I have no complaints there.
I would just like to know what’s the thing behind such policy and if it can be helped, because if it can’t, then I might consider a more expensive option. Buying such card via GB and then claiming a warranty at local Samsung dealer is 99,9% a no-go and who could blame them. Then again, if they can go through the trouble of accepting a warranty claim on a 2-4-5-6-9…year old card, why can’t GB or at the very least their distributor?

Have you tried to contact Samsung directly? They will probably honor their warranty if you explain the situation.

Most of the times, distributors will tell you to contact the manufacturer for any long term warranty claims.

I am still waiting for the 128GB code :smiley:

  1. Lumintop Copper Tool AAA Nichia 219 LED Flashlight
    $ 1.99

Interesting, Mecarmy - I think this is the first time you have mecarmy in your deals.
I don’t know this model, is it better than nitecore tip…?

Lumnitop copper for 2 usd, probably mistake?

Kind regards

The code for the Lumintop Copper is not working.

you are correct, if it is really 2 usd, we are probably much too late :wink:

The copper lumintop was already expired when posted. :crown:

Thank you for the Wuben and Charger!!
Ordered both.

Thanks for the deals.
Off to do a bit of research on the M.Army. Maybe it’s suitable for my needs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the excellent deal on the MecArmy SGN5!!! Prolly never see it that low again guys. Get it while the gettin’ is good!

MecArmy SGN5…got one

Both the Lii100B codes are reporting as expired.

Hi Gregor,
Indeed the Lumintop’s pricing was wrong (it should be 20.44) yet I don’t know why the coupon is shown as expired.

Also,let me guys give a disclaimer.
I have joined my country’s national army since Sunday, which means that I don’t have access to a computer.

Everything is done by my smartphone (I was lucky that it wasn’t detained from me) , which means that deal manipulation is a lot harder.

Of course, I will keep on bringing more deals to the community, so make sure to post any requests that you might have.

Army, for how Long, 1 year :wink:

It’s for 9 months in total, but after February 9th I should have access to my laptop :slight_smile:

Oh wow! Now I understand why I might haven’t received an email notification today :stuck_out_tongue: Take care!

I’d be happy to grab a “dirt cheap” s2+ for 6.99 usd (x6 driver) :slight_smile:

The code for the Lumintop Copper is not working.

Are you at least 6’1”?

You can join the Evzones and get a totally kick-arse uniform!

Okay, okay, maybe only for parades, but still…

98’ of material, folded into exactly 400 pleats.

Hell to keep clean, though…