Black Cat AAA

Heatsinking for the LED , I would rate some what poor ...

Take note of the 2 part tail cap ...

Pill makes contact with the middle body for neg contact , so if the pill gets pushed forwards , contact may be lost . Also the middle part of the body holds the pill in place in the head .

Output with a single Alkaline AAA is about 30 Lumen for 0.9A current draw

Output with a 10440 @ 4.08v is = Starts around 150Lumen , but right away begins to sag , stabilizes around 80 Lumen , but the light is heating up quickly , @ 1.07A [ Thats over 4Watts ]

I would suggest great caution for use with 10440 , I noticed far less heat when using a 10440 with 3.8v , and I would suggest that the LED is under great stress with a 10440 ...


Thanks Matt for the detailed picture! I fixed the image width for you, if you click on the picture and then on image icon, under the "Appearance" tab you can see how to set the width to 100% and the height stays blank. That way it resizes well.

I do like the knurling a lot on the Black Cat. Looks rather well put together for the price.

Yes , surprisingly well made : I think the lens might even be glass ..

Very positive tail clicky , and nice and tight on assembly , smooth threads , nothing to complain about except a contact issue with this one that was easily fixed with a bit of file work .

Thanks for the picture re adjust , ill get the hang of things hopefully ...

Mine (5000K red) is 1.9A (!) on nihm. But I'm pretty sure the head is glued. I cannot take it off even using rubber claps.

The pill looks pretty much the same as the Tank007 E07

Mine with alkalines is 1,3A

Ni-Mh is 1,6A

10440 0,9A

I was thinking to gift the BC, but now that it can use 10440, is another light! about 140 lumens at start!

¿anybody knows how to change the switch and put another in case of failure? I dont know how!

Is glued?

The internals look rather similar to those of the Tank007 E07 which needed a LOT of force to get the glued head apart. See at the bottom of this page on Jayki.

Yes the driver board and lanyard says "tank 007"

Nice forceps Don! Might be the first time in history that those have been used to disassemble a flashlight.

Ever since my first set of haemostats (Or locking forceps which is what they get called in operating theatres here) I've used them for all sorts of things - think these ones came from DX. The Tank007 E07 victim here wasn't the first, I tend to reach for those rather than non-locking ones every time. They are also very useful as a heatsink when soldering heat-sensitive stuff.

I also use in my work. Here are called as "flat mosquitoes" or Kocher in medical tems.

(and are very useful for welding as Don said or to rescue some lost cable)