Black Friday 2017

Nothing in Home Depot.

Nothing in Target.

Our local Lowes said we have the 320 lumen version of Lux-Pro, they did not have it in stock, ended up getting the 600 lumen version called LP1200 for 9.99.

it runs on 6xAA

I usually go CRAZY each Black Friday on all the fantastic deals going on.
This year was boring and the stores I went to were not busy at all. On Friday I went to Costco in the middle of the day and I would judge that it was slower than a regular Friday.
Staples, Home Depot, Lowes were all slow. I felt sorry for the retailers.
Let’s see what the financials are for this BF.
I did order 2 security camera setups from NewEgg on BF morning for $69 each, hard drives not included. Happy to get those.
My Lowes DID have plenty of the 320 Lux-Pro’s though. I got some of those 2 years ago. They are a VERY nice light.

Actually it was 3 years ago and they were 280 Lumen.

How much did you pay?

Back in 2014 it was a Pre Black Friday Deal and was priced at $12.97

Is that 4xAAA light?

2-D, as is I assume the one you are talking about.

oh, got it. that’s the one that I was looking for this BF and the one they did not have and gave me that 6xAA one.

which is supposedly worth more. I would still prefer 2D for runtime

The current 2D, the lumens have been upraded from 280 to 320.

On this 6xAA light, I can hardly tell the difference between low and high. The 3rd mode is strobe of course.