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Are you able to tell us more about what type of driver this light contains?

3 Mode: High,Low,Fast Strobe

I wonder if its the typical 2.5A 3 mode?

Ok, I just got the grey Ultrafire HD2010 from Willbuying in the mail today so here’s a quick review.

This is my fourth HD2010 bought from various places including two no name Tmart lights and a fandyfire Hd2010 bought a year ago from Lightscastle. The others were all black and I wanted a grey one with original Ultrafire branding so I decided to give this one a shot. It wasn’t the cheapest option but I took a punt on it :slight_smile:

So anyway I have some experience with these lights and know a bit what to look for regarding these various versions of the HD2010 and some of the problems they tend to have.

Fit and finish, externally very decent. Some very minor chips and slight dings along the tailcap front edge but otherwise very nice. It was VERY well packed in tripple bubble wrap and a sizeable box, so these are definitely minor manufacturing defects.
The threads were very dry and there was quite a lot of aluminium dust and swarf left in them and on the orings, needed some cleaning and oiling but now it opens and closes as smoothly as any other hd2010.

Of note is the smoothly machined tailcap crenelations, all the other HD2010s I have all had a sharp edge on these crenelations which makes them less than comfy to activate. The original HD2010s from Ultrafire had these machined smoothly and many sellers will still show pictures with this style but actually ship a version with the sharp edge. In any case the lights you get from willbuying seem to match his pictures so that’s a big plus.

Anodizing is well done and even but maybe a bit too “sparkly” and silver to my liking, I had a feeling older grey HD2010s were more matte grey but it’s always hard to tell from photos. I don’t have any grey HD2010s to compare against so they may all be like this.

Emitter is indeed XML2 and tint looks to be around 1A. So a good candidate for dedoming, less good if you want to use it as it is. Bit too blue for my liking but that’s a preference thing.

Reflector is very smooth, fairly clean and hotspot is VERY nice. Best HD2010 reflector I’ve seen and first HD2010 I’ve had with a perfectly centered emitter straight out of the box. It has a black centering ring/gasket that doesn’t get in the way and all it needed was abit of tightening of the pill against the reflector from the inside so everything was snug. Before this there was an audible whine on the the low modes from the driver, indicating a poor ground contact, after tightening it was gone and thermal transfer from the pill to the head should also benefit.

The driver looks to be an East 092 driver, on high I measured 4.8A at the tailcap on a fresh Trustfire 26650 so I suspect it’s indeed direct drive on high.
Modes are High, Med, Low FastStrobe and SOS (or rather SOOS as is common with these drivers :wink: ), so this is a 5 mode driver just like the original.
However it’s not exactly the same as the good old HD2010 East 092 drivers, the fast PWM of the original has been replaced with slow and visible PWM on medium and low. That’s a shame, plus it seems to have next mode memory now instead of no memory, or at least the time it takes to reset is longer than it used to be. I will be swapping this driver anyway but some may be interested in knowing if this is a good driver or not.
I’d say it’s not a particularly good driver but should at least offer high output for those who look for mainly that.

Finally it comes with a green gitd tailcap and a cheap grey lanyard.

I’m hearing a fair few reports of good Tangsfire HD2010s from TMart, so that may be a slightly cheaper option to get a good HD2010 at the moment.
Unfortunately I don’t have any first had experience of the Tangsfire but based on the unit I have here the Ultrafire HD2010 from willbuying is a very good light and a decent option. Especially worth getting if you’re swayed by the XM-L2 emitter and smoother tail crenelations as I was :slight_smile: