Black SRK at Fasttech for under $40 with BLF-coupon!

Now it feels really hard to resist….

Too bad the Blackshadow Terminator is 3x as expensive….

The most gorgeous multi-emitter light I’ve seen though…

How dare you not provide a link to those with less self-control than yourself!


U2 version too. This driver looks like the "good" one, right?


Whats the BLF coupon?

Promised myself I would not buy anymore flashlights for a month.

Promise broken :o

BLF coupon = "BLF" for 5% off flashlight related purchases.



Ehm, had to refund my EA4 order as I had one already. But now this, no I can’t resist. Ordered.

I’d jump on this. Good deal for the U2 version. Bought mine at Fancy last month for $65.

How can you tell which driver it has?

I'm looking at the FastTech photo which shows the backside of the driver. Then compare to info posted here (and read posts just below).

As far as legit vs. clone/mimic - see this post here about the Sky Ray logo. FastTech's matches the "legit" version.


Thanks borstar_micke
Will have to compare the pics with my CNQG version,
The $45 clone and the $54 real thing are very similar looking, driver wise.

the BLF code not working for me

Yea, from CNQG’s pictures of the driver contact plate it looks like some clones have (or had) the better driver as well.

I just tried and it works for me. If not try “launch”.

thanks yes it works now

Had to jump on this. Have no need for it, got a Nitecore 11 and DRY, but for that money, what can you do?

have been wanting a black SRK for a long time now, i might have to jump on it. does the srk have low voltage cutoff? i plan to use unprotected cells, i have quite a few from laptops

Box is definitely different from the CNQ’s (clone & real): thin-walled and appears to open from the end - not a box with lid and protective foam cradle - lacks logo sticker from BIGWOOD’s post above as well as CNQ site.

Someone might want to query fasttech on this: given that they’ve had some packaging complaints on this forum (my package - not SRK but included retail boxed item - was packed adequate for a small drop/toss but not crush… it was), I’d want to make sure this baby was arriving to me foam-cradled.

Good luck guys

I’ve resisted the SRK until now, but my finger just slipped at Fasttech…

Not sure about the low-voltage thing but I seem to remember reading that flat top cells don’t work (looking at the picture below, it would make sense that it needs projected/button-top cells) My one lap-top pull so far had spot-welded tabs that left flat-top cells when removed.