Black-Web battery pack module and Bosten Power Sonata 5300 Rechargeable Battery pack modified

I have for a very long time want to have a high capacity battery pack for my phone and tablet

I have played around with this idea for at least a year or so

Now I have gone to final stage of putting the items into practice I have made a test prototype and the results turned out better than I had expected them to

I will post some pictures of this setup when I have the unit put together and done some testing of the unit

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Well I finally have some results of the testing of this battery pack with
“ Bosten Power Sonata 5300 Rechargeable Batteries ”

the batteries are used cell in a device that was used hospital battery powered computer
supply’s the battery pack contains 15 cells )

I remove one battery from this battery pack case so that the battery pack would be balanced because the battery pack cell phone / tablet charger module requires 8.4 volts to work correctly

The battery is supposed to be 5.3 amp hours when testing these used batteries the results I got was about 4.8 amp hours these were randomly selected for testing about 6 of them out of two battery packs

The testing results are as follows

31 hours at 1.5 amp load = 46.58 amp hours

Here are the pictures of the unit that I built

If anyone is interested in buying the “battery pack case” ( this includes the batteries ) let me know and I will post a link to where I bought them


I have been using this battery pack for sometime now and very impressed with the results I can run my tablet for hours outside and not have the battery in the tablet run dead and have recharge it battery

I have a smaller version of this battery pack which is more compact with 18650 cells the running time is not as much but the battery pack also does not take as long to recharge

No I have EBC-10 which uses the same software

All you have to do to match cells is to save each file separately and compare them if the charging curve and discharge curve are very close to each other you should be fine

What I like about the Black Web battery packs are that the charging protection boards work very well
However there is a catch and that is to not go over the milliamperes hours rating of the battery pack or the indicator LED lights will not be accurate but there is a work around for this problem if you do not mind having a switch to go to the next bank of batteries