Blackout in Manhattan

This is our moment!

Yes!! Now I can justify my 32 flashlights!!

The highs lately around here have been around 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

If we had a blackout, we'd be in big trouble!

I’m in the area affected but my block is fine. Hope everyone else is.

Too many air conditioners running at the same time?

For real, I hope that folks that are compromised or frail get through this ok. Heat waves and no power can lead to some grim situations.

Lumintop is stealing it to power the GT4 project.

Manhattan. Where is that? Is that off the cost of Isle Of Man? :smiley:

That is what I said to my friends, who used to laugh my crazy flashlight hobby collection, who is laughing now? I should point out, that I happen to live in Manhattan New York.

Hopefully it only lasts long enough to be a flashaholic’s bonanza, and nothing grim comes of it.

A lot of us here have generators. To cover blackouts and travelling.
Me, Firstly yachts, Now caravans.
Be a little harder if in rental, tall buildings though.

Mine, 3.8kva. Runs my home and next door
with Inverter aircond.s running.
Also have solar hot water and power solar on roof.
With a electronic switch installed by Sparky.
So when grid drops out.that sw trips over and feeds
(in daylight) Solar power straight into home.

You Americans should check it out if home owners.
It cost me $17k AUD. A LOT cheaper nowadays……
for solar. water heating, and Genny. all wired in.
Solar runs home completely incl heaters and Air cond.Pool pumps. PLUS
Gives us $650ish cash return annually.
from excess power fed into grid after that usage point.
15+ yrs now.
The last 8+ have given us. FREE power.Heating. Cooling ,
Hot water (continuous almost)and cash back in pocket.
Battery banks still TOO exy at present to run this size home.
OH NO gas here Power only in this state unless you use Bottles.

Sorry for going o/Track but it is an interesting subject.’
and if your area power cut prone. a very viable subject for you.
I’ve been using solar since ’72/’73. Still learning.

No pictures (made by the forum users)?

where is lightbringer ? he should help there :smiley:

Maybe his ISP is down :stuck_out_tongue: