BlackShadow Darth

Looks like BlackShadow has released a light with all the features we've wanted in the King. Can't wait for Ric at CNQG to pick it up and offer it. I wonder what the price will be for this beauty.

Dimensions: 50mm(HD)×150mm(L)×47mm(TD)
Weight: 350g(Without battery)
Color: Graphite
Emitter: 3×CREE XM-L U2 LED
Battery: 3/18650
Circuit: Digital CC circuit, Low-voltage alarming system.
Mode: Four modes, Low-Mid-High-Strobe
Dimming: Magnetic sensor control system
Material: Aluminum alloy
Lens: Impact-resistant optical lens with AR coating
Reflector: Metal reflector
Head & Tail: Stainless steel bezel ring, tactical tailstanding tailcap
Waterproof: IPX-7, unable to support dive use.
Mark: LED and mode are optional on your preference.
Accessories: Tactical parachute-cord, Spare O-ring, User manual and Warranty card.

I have a feeling it will be really expensive. Considering the single XM-L Fire is 120 dollars this one will be really expensive. :'(

Wow, that is a real beauty,
But I can’t see any specs regarding output, Amperege etc.
Not that I’m going to buy it, just interested in some numbers :wink:

I just saw this on cnqualitygoods at $62,not bad at all but specs say 1000 lumens for a triple xml-u2 is not impressive.Styling is really nice on this light and magnetic ring switch is cool too but the output is a deal breaker.One day they'll get it right,manufacturers must listen to us!

If the 1000 lumen rating is true then I am a sad man. For $62 it’s a really sexy light.

3X XML U2 and output is 1000 lumens, Very low in the lumens Dept…Looks are great.
Still, i would take a King with double the output and mod black all over it.

Only 1000 lumens? What a waste. :(

Now 2,000 lumens.

I wouldn’t make any decisions on this light based on the websites output claims.

We can expect this to be more floody than the king, seeing at this head diameter is 50mm, while the king is 59mm. Just pointing it out.

I think I like it, anyone buy one yet?

Do I hear 2500?? :smiley:

I love the looks and magnetic switch but till the output issue is put to rest I'm waiting.Black shadow's website does not state the lumen output of the darth for some reason,I'll shoot ric a PM about this.

How bout a direct drive, melts if left on ?

i really like this light. really. so a smaller diamter head will give more flood? didnt know that.i just knew a deeper one gives more throw, so i woulda thought bigger head, more throw.

Think about a small diameter head light (balder HD-1), and why it can’t throw for sh*t. The reflector doesn’t reflect the light at the right angle, so instead of channeling it all forward, it channels some forward, but the rest bounce everywhere. More surface area = more ability to ‘channel’ light.

Great price. I hope the modes are spaced well. Comparison reviews between this and the skyray king outta be interesting.

Here’s some info on throw.

I wait for the T6 3C version :wink:

I see they already offer a T6 3C option on CNQG

I’m in the market for a 3X - XML flashlight right now and this one has my interest peaked :bigsmile:

Pm from ric said 2.5 amps to each emitter and output close to the king.He said beamshots will be up soon,I really like this light might just have to buy it.