Blackshadow Terminator in stock. NOW stocking DARTH, NEW Promotions.

Very Very limited quantities of Blackshadow models in stock

*This week only, any 18650 Blackshadow light includes free batteries in the correct quantity for that light (no coupon code please).
Your choice of coupon code or batteries * type “batteries” in the instructions and I will include the correct quantity for that light. (Blackshadow only)


NEW Crelant V9CS, smaller than the 7G series but all the same functions.
Lighter weight with no Stainless bezel or switch ring.

Crelant page

Forgot to ad, nuetral white available on most models

No Knight? Oh well I don’t need the temptation.

Is the Fire as nice in person as it looks in pictures?

I just brought in a few as a test. The Fire is really nice highly polished with subtle laser engraving. Even the package is nice.

No way… After weeks, almost months of looking around and thinking what to buy, i decided to buy the 7G6CS havent got it yet. And now this comes out, even cheaper to…
Gahh… The 7G6CS looks much cooler though. And it doesnt seem to be alot smaller.
And after buying it, i read that the 710lumens output from the 7g6cs is from 2 cr123s ? so im scre*ed i think.
Have to look for another light before i even get the one i bought. Daaang… :confused:

The 7G6CS is larger and has a larger head.

1. Question, do you know if the aspheric head will fit onto the 7G6CS, or if the battery tube is interchangeable with the 7G5CS?

For example, the battery tubes, and tailcaps, between the 7G2CS, the 7G5CS, and the V9CS are all interchangeable.

2. Also do the Crelants cut off at 2.9V? Meaning safe to use with unprotected cells.

For added run time vs 16340, 18350 batteries also fit, just not protected ones, not enough space by 2-3mm.

3. Any new coupon codes for crelants, or other lights? You used to have the crelantvcs code which was great :)

I have swapped tubes the aspheric wl not fit the smaller standard coupon code blf10 will be active late tonight

I am reasonably sure there is no low voltage cut off

Thanks for the reply.

It's a shame that none of the smaller lights fit the aspheric.

Question, do you notice a big difference between the U2 and the U3 7G5CS versions. I've been on the fence about getting the U3, but already own the U2.

Do you stock any other lights that do go with the crelant aspheric?

I'm on the fence about the terminator, probably going to pull the trigger on it, but, well, it's pricey... need to see how it stands up vs the king and apex lights in person first.

If you have the U2 I don’t really think it is worth the upgrade. Side by side you can see the difference but otherwise it is only about 7% improvement.
There are no other lights that accept the Crelant Aspheric that I am aware of

Guess I'll hold off on getting the U3 version until something else catches my eye. Either that, or get a second U2, they dropped in price nicely.

Thanks for the quick replies.

Only one left of the U2 in stock

Gonna have to sleep on it, just bought a new lens for laser I wasn't really really planning on.

Btw, sent you an email about the 7G3CS... that one is kind of a let down.

Coupon code BLF should be active throughout the store

Shipped sevral of the Terminators. Still have NW on this one and a very small stock on the U3 version of cool White.
Pretty neat light

U3 Terminator sold out.
T6 Neutral White still available.

No Blackshadow Darth?

I only brought in a very limited quantity to test the market. Maybe the Darth on the next re order.

Blackshadow FIRE now ships with Xtar 3400mah battery
Just type “battery” in the instructions at check out and I’ll include it in the package. FREE shipping.