This thread wouldn't last too long...

How dare he

Closed now lol.

LOL, Norm nailed him without even quoting a Rule violation, just a "do a search next time"

I'm surprised it even lasted that long, the cpf mods are getting lax in their moderation.

I have noticed that not much is going on in their budget forum traffic-wise these days. There's a couple of threads about Solarforce usually and that's about it.

Really, what's the point? Even in the budget forum people will tell you to buy a Nailbender drop-in, AW cells, and a Pila charger. This is the place for budget lights, absolutely no question, and I think people are realizing that. Their budget forum is more of a dumping ground for posts in other forums by newbies who want a reasonably priced light.

I don't blame them for locking the SureFire thread: it is an open invitation for flaming on both sides.

I saw someone asking about a $70 Solarforce light (can't remember which one) and Norm decided this belongs in the Budget Forum :) It's the name. A $70 4Sevens would not go to the Budget Forum.

Ya gotta admit that the OP that's getting Norm'ed is trying the patience, to say the least. He's opened multiple similar threads that get merged. Of 9 threads he's started that haven't been merged, Norm locked 3 because (imho) they were pretty stupid.

Thanks for the best laugh I've had today:

Is it OK if I use it too LOL?

CPF rule 666: No bashing of SureFire lights in any way in any thread for any reason. You will be warned once and upon a second infraction sent straight to Hell by the Gods of Flashlights.

On another note, I like how Norm Norm'ed him with:

"This topic has been done to death and usually ends badly. cplusplus please use the search function before opening yet another new thread. 29 posts and 21 new threads? - Norm"

So he's advising people to search for closed threads that they can't participate in? Because you know any thread critical of SureFire is closed.

I always thought opening new threads and keeping things current was good for most forums and kept the advertising income flowing. Once all the most common questions get answered, what happens, the forum basically turns into an encyclopedia? Just search and find?

CPF rule 666: No bashing of SureFire lights in any way in any thread for any reason. You will be warned once and upon a second infraction sent straight to Hell by the Gods of Flashlights.

Rule #666 is so guarded its not even allowed to be spoken! This also applies to AW and Pila!

You know, I support things made in the USA and am even willing to pay more for them. But several years ago I bought a SureFire G3 Nitrolon and it came with primary batteries. But SureFire tells you NOT to use rechargeable cells in this light. WTF is that? So once the primaries went dead I decided to try rechargeables in it anyway. Sure enough, the bulb fried. Meanwhile the Ultrafire 500 lumen incan I bought from China runs just fine on rechargeables.

Now I just looked on their website. A G3 incan is 200 lumens for $62. A G3 LED is 120 lumens for $92!!!!!!!!!

How can ANY company justify 120 lumens for $92! That is rediculous! And seeing as how I own a G3, I can tell you it is the lamest flashlight I own (because of the plasticy/rubbery body that is just weird).

Come on SureFire, step up to the plate! I just saw a MagLite LED at WalMart with 144 lumens for under 30 bucks.

On the "bright" side those of you with money to burn can buy the 30th anniversary collector set that includes an E1B 110 lumen light and a SureFire ink pen for the budget price of...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

How much do you think a 110 lumen light and an ink pen are worth?






How about $590.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy cow...

To be fair to Surefire, that G3 probably has a 9V bulb, and 3 16340's are pushing 12V (so, really, you should've bought a 11-12v bulb for it).

OTOH, the E1B is the most overpriced, underperforming POS ever. Just about any decent 123 size cree light does the same thing for less than 1/10 the price. I can only assume the 25 almost exclusively 5-star reviews on Amazon are all from surefire employees or idiots, er, I mean, cops.

I did upgrade the bulb after it burnt out, but my point is HOW can they offer lights that don't take rechargeables? Seems like a bad business plan.

$urefire's main markets seem to be military and police forces. For these kind of organisations, rechargeables would be a logistic nightmare.

-Not if you sell batteries too.