blf a6 aftermarket parts??

im looking for a sort of variable zoom lense or focal lense where i can focus the beam and put the usable light out farther(i do alot of coyote hunting) i love this light so much i wanted to buy another and modify it to put light out further to use just for hunting

so my overall question is this;
is there an aftermarket support of different parts for this light to do such a thing and if so could someone point me in the right direction
all help is greatly appreciated

This light uses a lot of parts that can be bought separately, but that is not your question. But a zooming lens head instead of the reflector is not there. There might be a thrower head available some day, with a wide reflector, but that requires a new group buy/ development effort, and someone willing to do the job.

There are several sizes of zoom flashlight that are popular for hunting. Like the Uniquefire 1503 “T50”.

Is it the modes / user interface that you like about the blf a6? You can get that in a one of the zoom hunting flashlight by switching out the driver for the driver used in the blf a6. It’s known as a FET+1 driver (17mm diameter) with Toykeeper’s a6 firmware. Banggood sells it separately here.

You can probably find a 20mm aspheric lens to fit but it might be difficult to get enough distance behind it to focus.

From what I can see the BLF A6 doesn’t support zooming at all. Zooming flashlights usually fix the LED to the tube and the twist motion moves the lens/reflector in and out to focus and diffuse the beam. With the A6, the head can twist but the LED is still fixed in relation to the lens. Thus you can twist on and off all you want, but all you’re doing is connecting and disconnecting the battery. You may be better off with the Brinyte B158 groupbuy currently available. You can buy a brass pill and swap the A6 driver and LED emitter to that light to see how that works. Otherwise if you want a farther throwing flashlight the BLF X6v2 groupbuy may be worth a peak. Good luck.

It isn't the A6 that makes the magic. It is the driver and emitter. If you are needing small....Get yourself an X6 and install this driver. If it must be a tube then get an S2 with an SMO reflector from Mountain or Simon. As a matter of fact...Mountain (RMM) will have whatever you need to fit the bill.

BTW...If you like the A6 then you need to be signed up for the X6v2/X5 sets (as stated above)

Maybe I should post a copy of this in the X6 thrower head thread, but does anybody here know the main hang-up for the thrower head project? Is it people can’t agree on a size or EE/Manker won’t work with us?

I could design them if that’s the problem. I can’t (no time or patience) however deal with the vendors and manufacturers to get it into reality though… I figure there are many others hear good at that though.

Led and lens are in separate parts so it could be made to work. The problem is the reflector is only around 12mm deep and an aspheric might need up to 20mm space to focus. Unscrewing the bezel with the lens attached might get 4-5mm before coming off but not enough to square the die. Offhand, it might be done by cutting the bezel halfway between the lens and bezel threads and extending the head with a fitted sleeve but this would really only net a fixed thrower not a true zoomy.

The manufacturers and those of us in contact with them are just tied up with the other GB's and the holidays. There is some stuff that has been discussed. You should see some stuff start moving and shaking after the first of the year....but as will be a long walk ;)

i love the interface as well as the size but what really sold me was the price point, i couldnt turn it down after everything i had read, and while it was shipping i wondered if it had a zoom feature or not, so i did some research before it got here and found out that it does not, its still not a problem as this one will be my edc, but if i could get a zoom feature on it i would order 3-4 more as soon as i could

is this a pair of lights or what? i read that it is only sold as a set and is it also available on banggood?

I’d be interested in a zooming flashlight in the A6 form factor. The more compact the better. The current groupbuy for the Brinyte is tempting but it’s a bit too large and hunky for my tastes.

SK68 is probably your best bet then. It’s one that begs for an updated design for larger cells.