Blf A6 broken clicky replacement??

I was messing with a multimiter on my A6 and now the clicky won’t click. Opened it up and it simply just lost it’s clickyness and the light won’t turn on. Is there a replacement switch out there somewhere? A metal clicky would be awesome but I will take any just to get the light working again.

Also, what about the multimeter made it konk out? Did the current just fry it? Or did it just stop working randomly and has nothing to do with the multimeter…

Thank you!

Do you know if there is metal clicky somewhere out there? Figured if I’m already replacing it, a metal one would just be awesome.

BLF A6 won’t work with Lighted tailcaps.

Try to avoid it as it will mess the mode settings.

If you can order from Aliexpress here’s an option

Ok great. Thank you for the info

Faster maybe cheaper if you just replace the switch . or get both :)