BLF A6 FET+7135 1A & 3D, 5A CREE XPL 1600LM 7/4modes EDC LED Flashlight

I have a few BLF A6 flashlights for sale.
They are basically brand new, opened up to test to make sure they fire up and program works.

Accessory set comes along with 1 clip (see, 15 degree and 30 degree TIR lens. I have 2 of these sets available. I am not sure how to put the clip on but check the forum.

Located in the CA, USA so shipping should be much faster than from banggood. They are OOS right now.

1. 1 x BLF A6 1A
2. 1 x BLF A6 3D
3. 1 x BLF A6 5A SOLD

Light are $30 shipped.
Lights + Accessory set $40 shipped.

All are paypal’d shipped within the USA.
Not looking to profit from this, just to cover my costs.

Nice deal!

Good luck with the sale. :)

I’ll take a 1A with accessories!

Thanks raccoon city.

@ryanferg Sent you a PM.

In for the 5A.

Are these anodized versions?
And it comes with all the factory accessories correct?

PM’d do you still have a 3D?

Yes, comes with all factory accessory and is the anodized black version.

Have 2 x 5A and 1 x 3D available.

I’ll take a 3D tint one if it still available.

Interest withdrawn

Have the 1 x BLF A6 3D left?

I would like to purchase your 3D. Please advise if this is still available and I will take it off your hands if you still have it. Thank you.

couldnt wait, i really want one. went to banggood and waiting for mine to come in. cheers and sorry for this meaningless response.

Have one more 1A and 3D left.
1A has no clip as it broke when I opened the package.