BLF A6 "kit"

So I own a few BLF A6’s as well as a small arsenal of other hobby lights like most of you! Ha!

I’m trying to put together a “kit” of the BLF A6’s to give as gifts, and am wondering what everyone’s thoughts are?

I’d like to keep to quality components such as a Samsung or Panasonic battery, abut am stumped on a charger. Of course a Nitcore digital charger would rock, but realistically, these gifts will go to non flashlight/battery folks and I’m trying to keep costs down and keep it simple for the user ( I know the A6 Interface isn’t “easy”, but I’d set them up and then when et tap 15 times and mess it all up, hey, I may get a call…)

Anyway- there is a bit of urgency in this request as bangwood is having a short flash sale of th A6’s (for $19US) and I’d like to order a pile of A1’s.

What charger might you all recommend? Are the cheap $2 or $5 ones safe? ?

I guess I’m worried about safety of LiIo batteries if used in an unprotected charger ( wife puts battery in backwards…. cell overcharges and explodes…) little things like this… -:slight_smile:


Liitokala 202 is a nice simple charger, $6 with protection and can charge a number of sizes incl nimh aa and aaa so can become their go to charger

Are you dead certain on the a6? Look at the eagle eye X2R it has three modes no strobe on board charging and a decent output with no step down. Can do short tubes and even tir lenses to modify the beam. Flashlight noobs won’t miss the extra lumens, and I’d be surprised if maybe people actually practically missed them 500 is fine for everyday non spotlight type use

For gifting, I’d go for the xtar mc1. Decent quality, better build than the LiitoKalas. Simple one battery, no buttons or options.

Thank you both and keep ideas coming… why do I want to get the XTAR VC4 for my friends to gift? Lol.

By the time I’m done adding all these costs up I’m getting closer to the cost of a new fenix UC 30 2017 edition ( pre sales launch at $60 today…). Self charging, Fenix quality… EZ to use…. ahhhhh

xtar mc1 or liitokala 101 is what I give/sell with lights I gift/sell to friends/family/coworkers. Both require the user to supply their own USB power supply (wall wart or similar).

From a price/quality conscious viewpoint, nothing beats a Lii-100 (coupon: ;-) GB17LED) at this moment (I and many others believe).

Cheers ^:)

Why not a Lumintop USB rechargable cell
No charger required, and on sale now for only $7.99. :money_mouth_face:

The charger you linked to in your first post is a fire hazard: Review of Charger Bowei HC-103W

The LiitoKala Lii-100 is a safe and inexpensive alternative. I have two of them and they are very versatile and easy to use. Especially the spring is really smooth, even compared to much more expensive chargers.

You may also want to look at the Xtar ANT MC1 Plus and NiteCore F1.

+1 on the Lii-100. Easily my favorite single-cell charger.

Totally new concept to me!

Is this battery configuration safe? I’d have to imagine that given package size constraints of and 18360 and adding the mUSB, the cell capacity would HAVE TO BE SIGNIFICANTLY. Lower, no?

However, wan a cool concept!

It is amazehow small the charging parts are
It are full capacity cells with a charging board added at the button side where you stick an micro USB cable. Pretty neat, I tested a few and could charge them via USB and a charger at the same time (heheh outside, Brinyte didn’t wanted me to do it) but is upped the amps and charge went faster
Not to say one should do it but even if it seems safe.

This. It’s what I gave last year with an A6 and I haven’t had any “support” issues. Recipient was happy it used existing phone charger. The simple red/green LED is all the average user needs and there is no risk of using the wrong setting.