BLF A6 plus Convoy Led Switch

I installed the Convoy led switch and all hell broke loose. Memory for light intensity mode , memory for last setting recall and blinker modes from half presses don’t function. I installed back the original and everything is fine. Looks like those Convoy led switches are only for certain flashlights then?

Most drivers will require you to add a bleeder resistor when you add a backlit tailswitch, otherwise the driver never realises the light gas been turned off as there is current flowing.

Thank you! you saved me countless hours of searching. :slight_smile: Go Canucks!!

This is what you need for the blf lights

Hey many thanks! I’ve ordered two. :slight_smile:

Sorry forgot to mention that the illuminated tail cap spring has more resistance so tou lose a couple hundred lumens.
You can solder on a 22g wire to improve the switch. There are a few threads about this.
I noticed even the convoy s2 with sst40 comes with a jumper wire soldered into the spring from the factory now

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Great I’ll try it out! :slight_smile:

Regarding the Convoy S2+ SST40 (4-mode driver), I have tested the Convoy lighted tailswitch and it works properly (can change modes).

I tried comparing lux (ceiling bounce) of the S2+ SST40 with the stock spring-bypassed tailswitch, and using a non-spring-bypassed Convoy lighted tailswitch and there is nearly no difference in lux (per my tail current measurement, the S2+ SST40 uses only about 4.5 Amps max (Convoy spec indicates “5 Amp” max), so the spring-bypass probably doesn’t affect too much?