BLF A6 Tail cap switch

Can someone please post a link for buying the BLF A6 Tail cap switch?



May be this:

This is my preferred lighted switch: Astrolux SC/SS/S2/S3 BLF X5/X6 Flashlight 2LED Lighting Switch For DIY.

I like that it has a double spring, but cannot guarantee that it’ll work with your flashlight. For that, you’ll have to refer to the following BLF post: D.I.Y. Illuminated tailcap.

You may have to add a bleeder resistor to the driver in order for the functions to work. But once you figure it out, it’s worth the effort.

Sorry bwl123, but I thought I read you were looking for a lighted switch. Unloco recommendation looks good for an original replacement.

I can confirm this works with the BLF A6

Edit: Clarity

Doesn’t it mess up the modes or UI?

Everything seems exactly like the BLF switch as far as I can tell, it cycles through the modes as intended, I’m able to check the battery level, it has the normal strobes, I never messed around in the settings mode but I can check if you like.

I tried this tailcap advertised for the Astrolux S41 and that for sure did not work at all.

Interesting. If it keeps all of the functions intact, it is a great little upgrade for the A6. I really like lighted tail caps.

I should clarify I’m referring to the first linked, not the second lighted one. I don’t believe mine is lighted but I do have the standard black rubber button over it so who knows. Also the Q&A for the BangGood link for the lighted tailcap says it is a different diameter than the BLF A6/AstroLux S1

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion around. Maybe I can add some more.

- my BLF A6 SE did not come with an HGJ-16 switch (post #2) but it fits (and in S2, S2, C8, C8),

- my BLF A6 SE has the same driver as the S41, and that has NO bleeder (later production does?)
so the lighted switch does NOT work on either of those lights

- my BLF A6 SE has shorter threads at the backside of the body (tube) than the S41
so the tube of the A6 does NOT make contact with the langer tailcap of the S41 (vice versa DOES work)

Thank you.