Blf cat layout

On my phone cpf forum list lays out better. Here I must scroll down 30 times. There at cpf, maybe once down if that. Font and border fix.

Their grouping makes more sense.

Also, led itself needs forum. I mainly only view cpf battery, fixed lighting, home build. Occasionally, headlamp, and general lighting.

I never ever visit flashlight forums.

Here, I just don’t see categories that line up with my interests. I know there is relevant content, but the categories don’t make sense or click with me, like they do there. And if they did, the font and borders need to be fixed so, one line per forum category.

I bet you would significantly expand your user base if this were fixed. It would probably take me 6 to 9 months to recognize the change, simply because that is about as often as I have been visiting here for last 4 or more years. Mainly because the layout and missing categories do not click for me.

Their user base is shrinking due to their mods and slowness. They are missing the boat big time by not adding an energy generation forum. But to where do I go? I don’t see the main led related forums here, formerly listed. Flashlights, you have covered. For example, Cree comes out with the xpl2, and the news is posted under led bulbs. An emitter is not an led bulb, but name sounds similar, so it goes there. It becomes custom, so bad idea solidified. Newbies, probably move on to where led tech is listed as a forum category.

A lot of us don’t follow on phones’ small screens, but on laptop or desktop computers; that may account for some of your preference for different formatting.

Migrating to a more modern forum platform would be beneficial for the user base, it’s just a matter if the time and effort required for the migration is worthwhile in the end. Browsing on mobile is ever rising and compatibility with apps like tapatalk also makes it easier not only to read, but to follow threads

If tap a talk runs in the background, I would immediately uninstall it. I don’t think they make a phone anymore that doesn’t die at half day mark. My 3 amp hour g4 never got through an honest day work, usually dying at 7 pm, and after a year, it too starts dying at 2 pm.

Hi there,

You’re right that sometimes threads get posted in the wrong forum categories. But there is a forum for LEDs in general:

As for Tapatalk, it will never release support for the forum engine that BLF uses. My apologies. In general, mobile browsers are not a priority, as I and many of our users still prefer to use full size desktops or laptops to browse BLF.

Flashlight general… For emitter tech… But would that not bury led emitter in irrelevant threads. Also, leds are not just for flashlights. Their use in flashlights is incidental to what ever they are stuck into, onto, or under. The emitter deserves its own forum category.

Might I suggest you start your own website. With all the wonderfull ideas you have you would be better served by your own creation. Just a thought….
I might add that for my puposes i rather enjoy this sight.

With blf narrow cats, might need desktop. My webpage php includes Android or desktop code based on user agent. No Javascript needed.

Also, a laser forum, biolumen or trit forum, would be interesting on occasion to visit and read. Don’t see how lasers would fit in here. I really think a categoy revamp is needed. Even the fl battery type forums would be better as subforums to cut the clutter.

Categories? We have categories?

I’ve only ever used “recent posts” and “search”. :smiley:

Im not having problems in my last 4 years with my note3 :smiley:

I found the site good too in phone, very functional :+1:

This :smiley: .

Sometimes if I search for something I would look trough the categories.

I visit blf very often on my phone and I don’t have any problems while doing it. The software isn’t the newest but it works.

I got your BLF cat layout right here!

Does this cat layout look ok on everyone’s phone?

^ Colours look a bit off, but the layout looks good on my phone :smiley:

I do 90% of my BLFing on phone and everything looks good, except for when people don’t specify <100% when posting images.

Alternative BLF cat layout

Don't shine it ! Some (people) could be blinded .., or , maybe , they already are ?

I probably do half of of my BLFing on my phone (the other half on tablet) and I would appreciate a dedicated mobile layout - pressing the little ‘x new’ link to open a thread in a new tab is tough for my fat fingers!

That said, sb56637 has the stats and knows what the priorities are. I’m grateful that the forum exists, and for the contributions of all its members.

Some good cat layouts coming together. I have rat and dog layouts on my phone but no cats to share.

Of course you are correct that LEDs are not exclusive to flashlights. But the problem is that there wouldn’t be enough topics about bare LEDs to justify another category.

Actually I should correct myself. There’s another more appropriate category to discuss bare LED emitters:

Best cat layout is interlocking cat layout, very efficient use of space