BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

Oh I would totally be in for a BLF SE Big head thrower, especially in the size and form factor of the Courui D01! I was going to buy a D01 and mod it, but a BLF edition would be better!

keep it triple 18650, push it to 4.0A, two-modes or so would be fine on the driver… XPL-HI or de-domed XP-G2 on copper for sure… 300k candela reaching out to 1000 meters…

But remember, we’d want to keep this a BUDGET light… stock D01 is about $35… not sure we could or would want to push the price on this past $50 or so.

I’m in, great idea. I also like my throwers with 2 modes, just high and turbo.

Personally I would not be very interested in a big light, but in a small and lightweight light, so 3x18650 is too chunky. For me a maximal driven 1x18650 big reflector thrower would be preferred.

I agree with djozz. I am a 1x18650 fan and don’t like big multi-cell lights.

+1 for the BLF Big Head Thrower! With 4x18650 configurable in 2S2P or 4 in parallel as user desires.

Make my Courui D01 with a XP-L HI on a copper DTP MCPCB, a copper pill, tail switch lockout, battery tube extended for 2S3P and Fitted with 86mm kaidomain reflector.

While I don’t like carrying big multi-cell lights much, I love using them. They work for me for camping or hiking as long as I’m taking a bag along anyway.

My friend was dumbfounded when we were camping and able to light up trees half a mile across the lake without the need for binoculars with a couple of my throwers. That was during the blue moon on a cloudless night, so there was a lot of ambient moonlight even. There’s just something hugely impressive about that kind of range.

Thrower = Big Reflector

I wouldn't be interested in anything smaller than the TK61 reflector. Fenix makes them big, but still light and easy to handle. Maybe Fenix would be willing to make one with the RMM's TK Seis-Um BLF Edition Driver.

EDIT: Plus, with 4 cells, one could mod for XHP35 or other 6 or 12 volt emitters.

Here you go. :slight_smile:

I like that one (though a bit on the heavy side). Is there a seller for it that accepts Paypal?

OOooh that’s nice

Is the x6 SE V2 considered a thrower? THere is a group buy for that already.

Compared to the A6 it is, but compared to a Olight M3X UT, TN32 and many others, it is Not.

It’s all relative.


I have been watching this thread and I think it is a cool idea. Something to consider....with Wight on hiatus for the time being and the different configurations spoken of, it is best to one choose a driver and build for it or if someone here can design a versatile driver that could possibly be configured as needed for whatever is decided.

IF you wait for the manufacturer to design the driver you will find quite a bit of disappointment for time involved until you get what you want. Much better for BLF to do the R&D...then spec it out to the manufacturer.

Just some thoughts :)

‘The Grey [sic] Courui’s were better?’ - is that a question or a statement? I ordered a gray Courui for FmC to modify, so I’d like to know if they were somehow better than the black. Thanks.

I really don't think there's any difference, after modding several of each.

However, I got a dud one a while ago, which happened to be black. Poor machining, sharp dags on edges of battery tubes, dodgy o ring, plus it shorted out on the reflector & blew the driver straight out of the box....

The next black one I received, from the same seller, around the same time, was mint.

Heres my version of a C8 running a 14500.

Yep that what it means. The grey ones were in better shape then the black ones In my case. All but one had some kind of defect on or in the reflector. Ano was better. It’s called the quality lottery! :~ Roll the DICE!

I was in contact with them before. They take PayPal. Here are some emails to try. Maybe you can start a group buy? :bigsmile:

I would be in for at least two pieces if we did a groupbuy on this one. 8)
Depending on quality, specs and price of course :wink:


Bytheway: are you really asking Djozz to do yet another GB? :bigsmile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: